The Top Ten (+1) shoes at for MARCH 2019

Pleaser Amuse-25 D'Orsay Pointed Toe 5-Inch Pumps
ZriEy Women 5.5-inch Peep Toe XT-Strap Platform High Heels Velvet Green
Pleaser 26 Red Pumps Crisscross Straps 5-Inch Stiletto Heel
Ollio pump with side ribbon beige
Ellie 6.5-Inch Womens High Heel Juliet-652 in White
ZriEy T-Strap Stilettos Burgundy Patent
Miss Me Women's Jocelyn-12A Platform Pump
Vocosi Pointed Toe Stiletto Heels Black
HerStyle Kaali Pump Royal Blue
Essex Glam Stiletto Platform Sandals
Merumote Gradient Slingback Stilettos
If I don't live in the USA...
...How do I order shoes on the Internet?
At, I present my personal selection of the most elegant and striking women's high-heeled shoes from The fact that is in the United States complicates orders from Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world, because US companies generally do not ship any kind of merchandise outside the USA (except in some cases to Canada and to US territories and possessions and overseas military installations), except for books, CDs, and DVDs.

IMPORTANT NEWS (July 2011): Amazon says it will ship shoes and certain other items (such as health and personal care products, clothing, consumer electronics, jewelry, video games, and watches) to certain countries including: Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, and the United Kingdom. To see if an item you want will be shipped directly to you, fill in your real shipping address for the order and see if it is accepted. If not, you'll need to register with an international delivery service as described below. Read further information in English about Amazon international shipping:

If Amazon does not ship directly to your country, keep reading this page, following the links to more in-depth information, to see how to order shoes and whatever else you want on the Internet from now on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to shop for shoes on

First of all, before you can shop at or any other website, you need:
  1. An electronic mail address (email, e-mail); and:
  2. A credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or Diners Club, issued by any bank), or a Visa debit card (issued only by a USA bank), or an Amazon Gift Card. Paypal is not accepted.
If you don't have an email address, you can get one for free at Google (gmail), MSN (Hotmail), Yahoo, and lots of other sites. If you don't have a credit card, the easiest thing will be to ask a friend or relative who has one to place an order for you (but see below about the secondary billing address). Once you have credit card and email, come back here and learn how to order for yourself!


All prices in are in United States dollars, USD$. Payment is made in US dollars. When you buy something with your credit card, your bank charges you the equivalent in your local currency (and probably also a surcharge, because banks have surcharges for everything).

Click on... to see... Currency conversion Other conversions (time, weights and measures, etc)

Also you should be aware that some countries, such as Venezuela and Cuba, impose restrictions on international commerce, or have restrictions imposed on them. For example, Venezuelan banks impose an annual limit (cupo) of $400 on the amount of local currency that can be converted to dollars.

International Shipping

Hardly any USA website ships shoes or other goods overseas. If you enter a shipping address that is not in the USA, in most cases you will be told that the item you have ordered can not be shipped to that address. Therefore, you have to enter a USA shipping address. To obtain a USA shipping address, you can sign up with a package forwarding service, as I describe here:

Click on... To see... How to have packages delivered to your country

Most package forwarding services are located in Miami, Florida. So if you are ordering from outside the USA, there can be two shipping charges: one from the seller (such as Amazon) to your shipping address (usually in Miami), and another one from the package forwarding service to your true address.

When you order from Amazon, the shipping cost depends on each item, the location of the package forwarding service, and the type of account you have with Amazon (for example, if you have signed up for Amazon Prime, shipping is free for many items).

The cost of shipping from your USA shipping address to your real address depends on the prices and policies of the package forwarding service, the distance, the shipping method, the weight of the package, and so on, and then there might also be customs duties.

Registering your USA shipping address with your bank

As a security measure, many USA shopping sites check that your shipping address matches the billing address of your credit card. But if you live outside the USA, this will not be the case. For that reason, you should contact your bank and register your USA shipping address as a secondary billing address for your credit card.

Once you have registered with a package forwarding service, obtained a USA shipping address, and registered that address with your bank, you can order from any USA-based site on the Internet, not only Amazon, but also EBay, Target, Victoria's Secret, the Gap, Old Navy, Staples, Bebe, wherever you want, whenever you want. You simply give them your new USA address, and they never know that you are not in the USA.

Where to shop for the most Elegant Shoes!

Now there's nothing left but to look for the shoes you want to buy. CLICK HERE to start. If you need help with the ordering process:

Click on... To see... My selection of elegant high heels from My gallery of original photos of elegant high heels How to search for and order shoes in

On my shoes page, when you see the image of a shoe you want to buy, click on it to see the product details, including the price and the available sizes and colors. If you want to order it, click "Add to shopping cart". When you are finished and you want to buy what is in your shopping cart, you click "Check out". At this point, if you don't have an account, you will be asked to create one.

What American shoe size should I order if my size is 41?...
Conversion tables

In and USA other shopping sites, shoe sizes and widths are given in the American (USA) system.
Women's shoe sizes
53538 5/821.9
36½49 1/823.2
83869 5/824.4
39½710 1/825.7
1142910 5/827.0
144510½1011 5/829.5
USA shoe widths
4A, AAAA, SS Super Slim muy muy estrecho
3A AAA, S Slim muy estrecho
2A AA, N Narrow estrecho
B, M, MW Medium mediano
C, D, E, W, WW Wide ancho
2E, EE, W, WW Extra Wide muy ancho
3E, EEE Extra Extra Wide muy muy ancho
4E, EEEE Extra Extra Extra Wide muy muy muy ancho
Also see:'s conversion chart.

Let's go shopping!

The first time you make make order is the most difficult because you have to create your Amazon account and then (if necessary) another account with a package forwarding service. But once you have done this, you can use these accounts again and again very easily. CLICK HERE to start!
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