Jennifer-Deisy Beauty Salon

Jennifer-Deisy Beauty Salon, Charlotte NC

Deisy and Jennifer of Yenni's Grand Salon in Connecticut did my hair for ten years... And look ↑ what a good job they did! Now they have moved to North Carolina and I will miss them so much. But if you live around Charlotte, now you can go. I recommend them highly!
Pineville Mall
8324 Pineville-Matthews Road
Charlotte NC 18225
Recomendation by Kenia, July 2012 (when the salon was in Connecticut): “I went and met Deisy and her daughter Yenni. Very very nice people. Deisy wouldn't relax my hair because she thought that it would be too harsh and that I would be better off doing a keratin treatment that would straighten my hair without the harshness of a relaxer. I complained that the keratin treatment was twice the fee of the relaxer but she refused to do a relaxer and explained that my hair would be better off with a keratin treatment. So I agreed. She dyed my hair and then Yenni did the keratin treatment. It was $160. I wasn't planning on spending that kind of money but I wanted to get my hair done and I wanted it to look good. It came out silky, shiny, straight and soft. I am hoping my curls hold out for 3- 4 months like Deisy said, because I don't want to be spending this kind of money every month. All and all, my experience with Yenni's Grand Salon was good enough to make me a recurring client. Thanks for your advice.”
Aleida Morel Dominicanidades
New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut 
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