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New for 2018

If you own a business or you have a job where you order products for a business to sell, now you can place wholesale orders with Amazon.com. The basic Amazon business account is free; it allows one user per business. Other accounts are available with an annual fee that allow multiple users and other benefits like free shipping.

For years, hair stylists and owners of beauty supply stores have been asking me if they could order these products wholesale. I had to say no, because Amazon was strictly retail. But in August 2018, Amazon started to offer "business-to-business" accounts, featuring quantity discounts and special shipping for large quantities.

You can create an Amazon business account for your business by clicking here:

Then you can make wholesale orders using that account.

I don't sell the products myself, I'm a sales agent for Amazon.com. My job is to promote certain Amazon's products and services, such as the hair products that are used in Dominican hair salons, since Amazon itself does not know how to promote them or why they are so good for Latin American and African American women.

For more information, CLICK HERE to see Amazon's page about corporate accounts and (if desired) to create your own free corporate account. CLICK HERE to see the features of a business account. CLICK HERE to read about Amazon Business Prime: wholesale ordering with free shipping (requires annual fee, just as retail Amazon Prime does).

Since I don't sell or buy the products myself, I do not have a corporate account and I therefore am not able to answer specific questions about discounts, shipping, and delivery. For example, I can't tell you if a specific product will be shipped to a given country, and if so how much the shipping will cost. The only way to find that out is to try to order it. After you have added the item(s) to your "Cart", you will see the answers. If they are not satisfactory, you can delete the item from your cart.