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Years ago, shopping at Amazon was much more pleasant. If you ordered multiple items, they were usually all shipped together and arrived all at once. At checkout you could choose "Ship all my items together" or "Ship each item as soon as possible". But then Amazon started outsourcing, and now most things you order on Amazon are shipped by 3rd-party companies. So now, when you place one single order at for 10 or 20 items, Amazon breaks it up into 5 or 10 separate shipments using multiple carriers and arriving on different days. If you live in an area where the shippers won't leave packages at your door (for example, an apartment building in a big city), or if some of the packages have to be signed for, you might have to STAY HOME for a WHOLE WEEK to receive your packages!

The package consolidation services of

How it works

The following works no matter what country you live in: USA, Mexico, Bulgaria, India, Vanuatu, any country at all.

First, register with They will provide you with a shipping address in Houston, Texas, USA, such as:

1323 Upland Drive, Suite 1234
Houston TX  77043
(where 1234 is the code for your USDelivered account). Register this address in your profile (Accounts & ListsYour accountAddresses).

Then, whenever you place an order with Amazon for multiple items:

  1. Put your Houston TX address as the shipping address.
  2. Track your packages in the normal way.
  3. When all the packages have arrived at, log into your USDelivered account, choose the items you want to ship, choose additional shipping options, then choose the carrier you want (UPS, Fedex, or DHL).
  4. will give you a tracking number.
  5. Track this shipment to see which day you have to stay home.
This is not much different from what you are doing now, but much less stressful, since now you control when packages arrive. Of course USDelivered costs some money, but the charges are a bargain considering the days of freedom you'll gain every time you place a largish order with or any other US company, for that matter! HINT: Normally there is a $5.00 fee for each package that US Delivered receives on your behalf, so for for 20 packages that would be $100! But if you register for US Delivered's Premium service, you pay $5.00 per month and there is no package receiving fee. That is a big money saver if you use the service (say) once a month or every two months.
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