The only one who works harder for your children than their teacher is you!

Without teachers where would we be? While you are working hard in your job, they are taking care of your precious children and giving them skills that they need to succeed in life. Teachers don't make a lot of money, they choose their profession because they believe in it. And nobody knows what hard work teaching is unless they have tried it! Our children's teachers deserve our thanks every single day. And on Teachers Day, something extra special!  CLICK HERE or HERE to find Teacher's Day Gifts!  or… Send Flowers!!

Teachers Day 2018 in the Americas and Iberia

  Country General rule yyyy/mm/dd Day
Flag of Argentina   Argentina 11 septiempre 2018/09/11 Tuesday
Flag of Belize   Belice 18 May 2018/05/18 Friday
Flag of Brasil   Brasil (o Dia do Professor) 15 October 2018/10/15 Monday
Flag of Cabo Verde   Cabo Verde (Dia do Professor) 23 April 2018/04/23 Monday
Flag of Canadá   Canadá = International Teachers Day 2018/10/05 Friday
Flag of Chile   Chile (Día del Profesor) 16 October 2018/10/16 Tuesday
Flag of Colombia   Colombia 15 May 2018/05/15 Tuesday
Flag of Costa Rica   Costa Rica 22 November 2018/11/22 Thursday
Flag of Cuba   Cuba (Día del Educador) 22 December 2018/12/22 Saturday
Flag of the Dominican Republic   Dominican Republic (**) 30 June 2018/06/30 Saturday
Flag of Ecuador   Ecuador 13 April 2018/04/13 Friday
Flag of El Salvador   El Salvador 22 June 2018/06/22 Friday
Flag of Guatemala   Guatemala 25 June 2018/06/25 Monday
Flag of Haiti   Haití 17 May 2018/05/17 Thursday
Flag of Honduras   Honduras 17 September 2018/09/17 Monday
Flag of the UN   International Teachers Day 5 October 2018/10/05 Friday
Flag of Nicaragua   Nicaragua 29 June 2018/06/29 Friday
Flag of Panamá   Panamá 1 December 2018/12/01 Saturday
Pan American Flag   Pan American Teachers Day 11 September 2018/09/11 Tuesday
Flag of Paraguay   Paraguay 30 April 2018/04/30 Monday
Flag ofl Perú   Perú 6 July 2018/07/06 Friday
Flag of Portugal   Portugal (o Dia do Professor) = International Teachers Day 2018/10/05 Friday
Flag of Puerto Rico   Puerto Rico Friday of 1st complete week of May 2018/05/11 Friday
Flag of Spain   Spain (Día Docente) (*) 2 November 2018/11/02 Friday
Flag of Spain   Spain (traditional) (*) 27 November 2018/11/27 Tuesday
Flag of Uruguay   Uruguay 22 September 2018/09/22 Saturday
American flag   USA (Teacher's Day) Tues of 1st complete week of May 2018/05/15 Tuesday
Flag of Venezuela   Venezuela (Día del Educador) 15 January 2018/01/15 Monday

* In Spain, the traditional date is November 27th, to honor Saint José de Calasanz, but in some parts of the country they celebrate Día Docente on November 2nd, and in others World Teachers Day on October 5th.
** In the Dominican Republic it is called El Día del Maestro y la Maestra.

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