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You can buy skin care pro­ducts at any beauty supply or drug store, but you don't always know what you're getting. has Aleida thousands of skin-care products, a much bigger selection than any store, plus it offers something that the stores don't: customer reviews of each product.

In this page I offer a selection of skin-care products from that have high customer ratings based on large numbers of reviews: hundreds or thousands in most cases. When evaluating a product, you should read the reviews to see what other customers say about it.

Here are the products listed by category. The ratings (stars) shown are as of October 12, 2015. Click any product to see details, reviews, price, and to order if you wish. To order from outside the USA, click here for instructions.

Body and General Use

Face and Eyes


Face Washes and Astringents


Feet and Hands

Dry or Itchy Skin

Acne and Oil Control

Dominican and Hispanic

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