Wearing high heels

Dear Aleida,
I love high heels and I really love strappy shoes, and the shoes on your website are always so beautiful. I really wish I could wear shoes like that but there are two reasons I usually don't: (1) My feet hurt like crazy by the end of the night, and (2) My feet are not pretty enough for strappy shoes. The skin is very dry, even if I use a pumice stone and a very good lotion. What should I do? Do I have to wear flats forever?
— Sore feet, NYC

High heels Dear Sore Feet,
I know what you mean! Many women feel that way. But every problem has its solution! I think you should go ahead and get the shoes you like. You might want to start with lower heels like 2 or three inches, and gradually work your way up to where you can walk confidently and effortlessly in 4- and 5-inch heels. And yes, there are ways to make them more comfortable – I'm sure you've seen all kinds of pads and insoles at your local drugstore. I have a friend who swears by the ProFoot Triad and puts them in almost every pair she has. Many insoles can be worn in high-heeled shoes, as long as they don't show through the sides. That way the shoes will feel more comfortable, and you can even adjust the fit. As for the dry skin, a pumice stone and lotion are often not enough. If you want to wear a more open style of shoe, I recommend the Ped Egg – the same one you see on TV. It removes dry skin and even calluses, but it's gentle enough that healthy skin is not damaged. And then use the pumice stone and the very good lotion. It sounds like a lot, but I think you'll find that you only need to use the Ped Egg once every few days. And if you love shoes, like I do, then it's worth it! Now go out there and wear those shoes with confidence!!!
Aleida Morel Dominicanidades
New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut
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