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Momentum-40 T-Strap Stiletto Pump by Anne Michelle in Black
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Anne Michelle's MOMENTUM-40 Pointy-Toe T-Strap High Heel Stiletto Pump from 2013: The simple, timeless elegance of a truly classic women's shoe. It would look equally at home in 1930, 1960, 2015, 2030, or 2060! It was sold at Amazon under various brands, including Anne Michelle, Sully's, and Brinley at prices ranging from $14.99 to $34.00, and in different colors including not only two kinds of black, but bordeaux (dark red), emerald (green), leopard (animal print), and “nude” (beige). But by 2015 all of them were sold out.
This shoe debuted on 16 August 2013. It is no longer available from
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