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Aldo Bilenemacia Pump in Black and White
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From August of 2013... The awesome, elegant, imposing two-tone Bilenemacia high-heel open-toe platform pump from ALDO! Five-inch heel over a ¾-inch platform. Very well built, solid, flawless, looks much more expensive than it is (was). Unfortunately this shoe sold out almost immediately. Women want beautiful shoes!  But there are very few to be found these days, so when one does appear it doesn't last long. And (sad to say) when a shoe sells very well, that does not mean the shoe company makes more of them. It's just not how the fashion-shoes business works. If you want to see the most beautiful shoes that are available from right now, please see my current high heels selection. And if you see something you want, order it right away before it disappears forever, as this one did.
This shoe debuted on 4 October 2013. It is no longer available from
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