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Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment

Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment

Most nail-fungus treatments don't work as you might expect. If you read the labels you'll see that they don't penetrate the nail and therefore do not reach the fungus, and they make no claims about curing nail fungus. Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment, on the other hand, claims to cure 99.9% of nail fungus. Furthermore it says right on the box that it has been “specially formulated to penetrate into the nail and to kill nail fungus at its source”. Why is this product so different? Evidently because it is made in Britain, and not sold in the USA. However, you can order it from and it will arrive in a few weeks by Royal Mail.
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The vial has a small bottle antifungal liquid (3.8ml), a dispenser for disposable nail files, and a brush applicator. You file the surface of your nails once a week to make them thinner (discarding the file — never use a file more than once on fungal nails) and you apply the liquid every day with the brush. The first phase of the treatment repeats this process for four weeks. In practice, however, the liquid might run out sooner. In the second phase, the liquid is applied to the nails once a week for 9 months or until the discoloration has grown out, which usually takes between six to twelve months.

Bearing in mind that no product works exactly the same way for everybody, the reviews at are very encouraging.

Toenails According to my tester, so far the treatment works better than anything else he has tried. On the strength of the initial results he ordered some more units of the product and when enough time has gone by, he will make a final report, complete with photos. Initial results after six weeks are shown at right (you can click the image to enlarge it). You can see the yellow old growth at the end of the nail, and the ragged edge caused by the destructive action of the fungus, and a pinkish area behind it. The significance of the white band below the pink area is not yet known. This is also after several years of treatment with Tea Tree Oil and other various US brand anti-fungal treatments. Prior to that the nails were thick and solid yellowish white; the yellow portion that you see here is an improvement over that, but the pink area is new with the Scholl treatment. The flip-flops, by the way, are from Reef, very comfortable and durable (see reviews), highly recommended, especially since keeping your toes in the open air as much as possible is part of the treatment.

Professional Nail files zebra file emery board 100/100 grit pack of 10 By the way, the little disposable files that come with the Scholl treatment are a bit skimpy. You can order some large, extremely abrasive (100/100 grit), heavy-duty disposable files here.

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