Puerto Rican Federal Affairs Administration and the Parada San Juan Bautista, Inc. have been organizing the Annual Regional Conference of Festivals & Parades since 1997.   The first Conference was held in Trenton at the office of El Congreso. Subsequently, the National Puerto Rican Parade Day, Inc. got involved. 


Juan J. Gonzalez, Esq., Parade Coordinator of the Parada San Juan Bautista of Camden, New Jersey and Atlantic County Puerto Rican Parade along with Beatrice M. Caraballo, Founder of El Coqui del Caribe Entertainment, have been moderating the conferences since its inception.  They continue to bring important topics of discussion to the conference every year.


The Parada San Juan Bautista, Inc. has kept records of the conferences. In 2000, Beatrice became very instrumental in compiling the data and distributing the information at the conferences.  In 2004, Beatrice incorporated the database into the National Directory of Festivals and Parades with 85 organizations nationwide. 


The purpose of the Annual Regional Conference of Parades & Festivals is to bring public awareness of our Hispanic culture, history and traditions; to educate the public through our programs, activities, workshops and social events.  This conference has helped to create networks nationwide and has helped to bring together 100 representatives from across the region.


For the past 5 years our Conference and Directory has been posted on the following pages of www.Aleida.net; the site gets approximately up to 30,000 visits a week during peak parade season in the summer (beginning of June to early September).


Conference Announcement
http://www.aleida.net/parades-2011-en.html (English)
http://www.aleida.net/parades-2011-es.html (Spanish)
Cover Letter with History
Conference Registration Form


Beatrice M. Caraballo & Juan J. González, Esq.

Co-Founders and Organizers





The Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration represents the Government of Puerto Rico before federal, state, and local governments, promotes the Government of Puerto Rico's economic and public policy initiatives to achieve a better quality of life for the four million U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico, and advises local government agencies and municipalities on issues of interest to Puerto Rico before the federal government.


As such, the Washington office is the primary liaison between Puerto Rico's officials, the White House, Congress, and the federal agencies. Additionally, the office interacts with national organizations representing Governors from other states, including the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Southern Governors' Association to advance Puerto Rico's interests.


Like many other states, Puerto Rico's focus areas include economic development, transportation funding, energy, health care including Medicare and Medicaid, as well as issues that affect veterans and our national defense.


In addition to the Washington office which serves as the Government of Puerto Rico's primary liaison in the nation’s capital, PRFAA also has a Northeastern Regional Office, based in New York City.  Over the last 70 years, the Government of Puerto Rico's regional office structure has evolved from providing guidance to Puerto Rican migrants, to promoting cultural awareness and helping the Puerto Rican community get involved in the political process.  Today, the emphasis of the regional office is in three main areas: economic development through the promotion of business ventures between the Island and U.S. mainland communities; education, empowerment and leadership development through partnerships with community organizations. 


For more information, contact the PRFAA office:


John Santana

Regional Director

PRFAA – Office of the Honorable Luis Fortuño

135 West 50th Street, 22nd Floor

New York, New York 10020

(212) 252-7300

(212) 726-9957 Fax




The name of the Corporation is The Hispanic Family, La Familia Hispana, Inc. The purpose of the Corporation is fostering community betterment for all of the people of Holyoke, with special emphasis on the Hispanic community and on youth, through events and programs that foster the enrichment and development of Hispanic culture and civic knowledge, including but not limited to organizing and implementing a yearly Festival de la Familia Hispana, developing a library of Hispanic literature and Hispanic films, developing a Hispanic Family Pageant, collaborating with other civic and cultural organizations, creating a charter school and helping to develop scholarship funds for Latino students; and the conducting of such other activities and programs in furtherance of such purposes as may be carried out by a corporation organized under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 180.







The first Puerto Ricans came here in the mid 1940's and immediately they were met with hostility and very little support in helping them get accustomed to the American Way of Life. The majority were from San Sebastian
and Guayanilla, both agricultural towns with no little or no jobs at the time.  Most moved into the impoverished, low-income neighborhood of Hall Avenue


During the 1960's, when the City attempted to pass a loitering ordinance as a means to silence the Puerto Rican community from speaking about the poor living conditions, and poor attitudes of police officers and residents towards our community, the Puerto Rican community took to the streets in protest of the ordinance.  This resulted in riots at a time when the civil rights movement was really taking hold throughout the nation.

Many of the old-timers went on to become, successful business owners, judges, lawyers, doctors, etc.  We are the proud home of the first Puerto Rican councilperson in the State of New Jersey, Nancy Muniz, and at this year's festival, we will be honoring the first Puerto Rican council member, Angel Manuel Quinones, who was also the first Latino to hold his Real Estate License and own an Insurance Business in Middlesex County


In 2005, the Puerto Rican community again took to the streets in protest of the City's denial of our permit to host our Annual Puerto Rican Cultural Festival.  In fact, we took the City to Federal Court and we were successful in obtaining a restraining order barring the City from enforcing what we believe to be an unconstitutional City Ordinance. 


Therefore, as you can see History has repeated itself.  The Puerto Rican community again challenges a City Ordinance and on both occasions, the challenge came on Hall Avenue.  It is a City Street/Area deeply rooted in Puerto Rican history and traditions and as such, we would like to see the name "Avenida Puerto Rico" forever placed under the street sign of Hall Avenue in honor of our history on the Avenue.



In 1995, a group came together with the stated purpose of preserving the heritage, culture and history of Puerto Rico in New Jersey. Therefore, the Atlantic County Puerto Rican Parade was established as the signature event around which all the other activities of the day revolved. This one-day event is an annual celebration of the past, present and future of all Puerto Ricans, keeping current the awareness and vitality of the Puerto Rican heritage and culture.


The Parade Committee is very proud of its progress in establishing this parade as one of the largest in New Jersey. Our goal is not only to have a parade, but also to continuously educate our community on the history, heritage, culture, and arts not only our community on the history, heritage, culture, and arts not only our community on the history, heritage, culture, and arts not only of Puerto Rico, but the entire Latino community. We are very proud of the people, businesses and corporations, who have year after year supported this annual celebration, thereby helping to bring all cultures of our multicultural society closer together. The Puerto Rican Parade of Atlantic County is excited about its Ninth Annual Parade and associated activities planned for the coming year. The Atlantic County Puerto Rican Parade is a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation.





The Hispanic Festival of Wilmington Delaware has been in existence since 1977. It started as a weeklong celebration called "Semana Hispana." Councilman Ortega, Mike Hernandez and Ronald Arms among others organized the activities for the week. The “Semana Hispana” consisted of a Food Festival on Market Street, the Miss Hispanic Delaware Pageant at Saint Paul's Catholic Church, located at 4th & Jackson Street, The Grand Ball, the 5k run and the Puerto Rican Parade on 4th Street.


Today, the Hispanic Festival has become a much-anticipated community tradition and a highlight of the Hispanic Heritage Month. The Hispanic Festival features educational & cultural events, bringing talents from across the nation to Delaware to celebrate the diverse Hispanic traditions through music, dance, art, food and family activities.  It educates the members of the Delaware community about the rich heritage of Hispanic culture and the contributions Hispanics have made to our society.





The Puerto Rican Parade and Cultural Organization of Northwest Indiana, Inc. was established in 1996.  We took over continuing the event and venues of the Puerto Rican Parade Committee of N.W. Indiana, Inc., which existed from 1981 to 1996.  By doing so, we do not loose all of the traditions that became established by our founding fathers in 1981.  We are now celebrating our 27th Annual Anniversary of the Puerto Rican Culture in Northwest Indiana, the surrounding suburbs and the Chicago Metropolitan Area in this fiscal year.





The Puerto Rico Cultural Parade of Florida, LLC, with headquarters in Tampa is an organization established and founded in 1988 by the civic leader, Gloria E. Rivera. It was the first Puerto Rican Parade organized in the State of Florida and the one that laid the foundation for other cities to organize their own Puerto Rican Parade and Folklore Festival Day. It is recognized by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as the first Puerto Rican Parade established in the state of Florida and the official Parade that represents the Puerto Rican community in the State of Florida. Our mission is to promote an event that showcases the richness of the Puerto Rican cultural heritage, affirm community pride and perpetuate from generation to generations the most indigenous aspects of our extensive and diverse folklore. To celebrate the enormous contributions made by Puerto Ricans to the cultural and economic development of this nation. The Puerto Rico Cultural Parade and Folklore Festival in Downtown Tampa is the biggest Hispanic event in northern, eastern and Central Florida and it attracts thousands of enthusiastic people of different nationalities and ages. It sure will provide the best opportunity and strategic way to promote/sell your companies or business's goods or services among the fastest growing segment in the state of Florida, the Hispanics.





In 1977, a group of 40 community leaders and representatives met in Washington, D.C. at the invitation of the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights to discuss the future of the stateside Puerto Rican community. The Commission had released a report in 1976, Puerto Ricans in the Continental United States: An Uncertain Future, and convened the meeting to discuss what the community leadership could do at the national level to bring about change. A consensus emerged that there was a need to establish an organization in Washington, D.C. to represent the interests of the community before national policy makers. The result was the creation of the National Puerto Rican Coalition, Inc. (NPRC) which brings together community leaders and organizations in an association that addresses public policy issues and provides visibility and awareness of Puerto Rican community issues and concerns at the national level. The National Puerto Rican Coalition, Inc. was incorporated as a membership organization in 1977.





The Puerto Rican Cultural Coalition was established in 2002 in the City of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Our
organization is comprised of volunteers from various backgrounds such as: education, social service, law
enforcement, engineering, business and health related fields.  Our primary focus is to provide cultural awareness
through education, outreach, and community involvement.  Our organization attained its incorporation in November of 2002, and attained its 501©3 status in July of 2003.    One of our primary efforts will focus on youth self-esteem building, career shadowing opportunities, public speaking, and the appreciation of cultural diversity.  The Puerto Rican Cultural Coalition carries out its mission through mobilizing communities and providing them with cultural education, events, technical assistance and community resources. The mission of the Puerto Rican Cultural Coalition is to promote and preserve Puerto Rican Culture in the
Lehigh Valley, by offering a variety of educational programs and events that help enrich the community by
promoting leadership and cultural pride.





The Puerto Rican Festival Incorporated was formulated in 1969 for the express purpose of celebrating and recognizing the culture of Puerto Ricans. Puerto Ricans continue to be one of the largest growing Hispanic populations in New York State. This growth now makes Monroe County and the City of Rochester home to the second largest population of Hispanics in New York State.


The Puerto Rican Festival Incorporated sponsors a variety of events, which serve to share and celebrate Puerto Rican culture. The largest event is the Puerto Rican Festival (37 annual editions to date have been organized), the longest running cultural festival in the County of Monroe. The festival is an annual three-day event, which averages a daily attendance of 7,000 people of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds. This year's festival will be held at the Frontier Field VIP Parking Lot from August 3rd through August 5th and operated from noon to eleven. The event will provide the following:


v  Arts - a variety of Hispanic artists are invited to set up booths to exhibit and sell their artwork.

v  Meals - meals are provided by a variety of local vendors, but an emphasis is placed on securing vendors who can provide the typical Puerto Rican cuisine.

v  Music - some of the top local and national Hispanic performers were contracted with to provide nightly concerts that drew crowds from all over New York State and adjoining states. The performers range from some of the oldest known Hispanic names to some of the most recently recognized newcomers. A special emphasis has been made to provide a youth segment where local area youth could perform and show off their talents.

v  Agency Fair - this event brings a variety of agencies both public and private to share a wealth of information with many of the members of our local community. The topic areas range from critical health issues Hispanics face to Law Enforcement recruiting.

v  Cultural Pageant - throughout the year leading to the main event held in August, a Cultural Pageant allows local female youth to compete for the title of Ms. Puerto Rico. This competition requires that applicants attend a weekly self-improvement workshop in areas of public speaking, essay writing, community service and volunteerism, personal goal setting, and much more. The candidates are required to donate time to a community program (Aids Walk) to encourage continued community service and sacrifice.


The Puerto Rican Festival Incorporated prides itself on the fact that this festival allows the public free access during the day and only requires an entry fee for the evening activities. The entry fee is kept to a minimum to make the festival a family event in recognition of the value Puerto Ricans place on the family as a whole.





The Aurora Puerto Rican Cultural Council, Inc. of Aurora, Illinois is a non-profit organization. The late Doroteo Arroyo and Juan M. Ruberte founded this organization in 1967. We knew it then as the "United Puerto Rican Parade Committee". The organization gained 501c3 status in 1998 and adapted the name Aurora Puerto Rican Cultural Council, Inc. The name change was done to help identify our new diversity. The goals and commitments of our organization have not changed nor have they been compromised in any way. We have only broadened the organization's scope to allow room for the growth and strength we need to service our community in the 21st Century.




The Puerto Rican Parade of Trenton, New Jersey is a not-for-profit organization established and founded in 1977 by Father Armando of Trenton, New Jersey.  The Puerto Rican Parade is committed to promoting the culture and folklore of its people.  Our mission is to enhance the self-esteem of Puerto Ricans and Latinos by promoting economic development, education and advancement.  We strive to educate our youth with their culture and to share the same with other nationalities.  We continuously encourage our youth to realize their dreams and ambitions through education and hard work by providing scholarships to students who demonstrate a financial need and desire to further their education. This organization works closely with various agencies in the Mercer County area in an effort to provide services to the community in general.





The first New York Puerto Rican Day Parade was held in "El Barrio" in Manhattan. Amongst its founders were; José "Chuito" Caballero, Peter Ortiz, Luisa Quintero, Victor López, Luis Amando Feliciano, Vicente Hernández, Angel M. Arroyo, Atanacio Rivera Feliciano, y Amalio Maisanave Ríos. Its first President was Victor López and it was coordinated by José Caballero.  In 1995 we felt that it was time to expand this event to the national scene, reminding Puerto Ricans throughout the country of their heritage and fostering the positive image of our people. An example of the national interest in this expansion effort is the participation of delegations from thirty-one states, including Alaska and Hawaii in the 1999 Parade.

The National Puerto Rican Day Parade is the successor to the New York Puerto Rican Day Parade, an event that operated for thirty-eight (38) consecutive years, enhancing the pride of the Puerto Rican people and promoting their contributions to the United States.

The National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1995, has been created to provide Puerto Ricans throughout the United States and all its possessions with a vehicle for the promotion of our people and their culture in a national setting. Its founding members were; Dr. Ramón S. Vélez, Ralph Morales, María Román and Madelyn Lugo.

The National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Inc. was established to create a national awareness and appreciation of Puerto Rican culture and its contribution to the culture and society of the United States. In addition, it promotes the study, improvement, and/or advancement of Puerto Rican culture and the arts by encouraging, promoting, coordinating, developing, managing and participating in various cultural events, including musical productions, plays art exhibits, and the conduct of parades in the City of New York and throughout the United States.

Our mission is to enhance the self-esteem of our people and use their pride to promoted economic development, education, cultural recognition, and advancement. We know that we must emphasize the achievements made by thousands of Puerto Ricans in business, government, and industry to encourage our youth to achieve their dreams and ambitions through education and hard work.

The Parade, televised for three hours, achieves the highest Nielsen rating for stations in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area. More than 80,000 participants marched with delegations from the towns of Puerto Rico and various states across the nation.

The Parade is attended by an average of more than 2 million people along its route making it one of the largest outdoor events in the United States. The Parade is shown on New York Metropolitan area Spanish television stations and via satellite, throughout the world, making it a truly international event.
The Parade up Fifth Avenue, while certainly the most visible aspect of the celebration of the culture and heritage of the Puerto Rican People, is not the only event associated with The National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Inc.'s activities. More than 10,000 people each year attend a variety of Parade related award ceremonies, banquets and cultural events.

At the same time, by educating our future Puerto Rican generations in the United States, about their history we will be promoting pride in our roots, culture, and traditions and further promote the empowerment in leadership and self-esteem.





The Parada San Juan Bautista committee’s dedication and the continued success of its activities, programs and events are made possible due to its committee’s leadership and the generous financial support of various corporate, public, state and local sponsors.


The parishioners, of Our Lady of Mount Carmel/Fatima Church, that give witness to their faith and celebrate their Puerto Rican heritage assisted Father Leonard Carrieri in Founding the Parada San Juan Bautista, Inc. also known as the Saint John the Baptist Parade in 1957.  The first group marched under the leadership of its Founder, Father Leonardo Carrieri.  The Parada San Juan Bautista, Inc. is incorporated as a 501©3 tax exempted, non profit charitable corporation.


For several years the Parada San Juan Bautista and its activities were stalled, but in 1982, the Parada San Juan Bautista was reorganized which signaled the Puerto Rican community’s desire to provide a positive demonstration of cultural and civic pride.  Over the years, the organization has evolved from a single event to a celebration that spans from mid-May to the end of June.  The parade is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of June to coincide with the feast of San Juan Bautista, the patron Saint of Puerto Rico.


Through the years the organization has built strong partnerships with respectable organizations such as the Latin American Economic Development Association, Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey, Camden Children’s Garden, Camden County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Atrium Dance Studio and Mega1310AM. 


Since 1982, the Parada San Juan Bautista Scholarship Fund has awarded over $250,000 in scholarships to high school students who are residents of the City of Camden, New Jersey.  The Scholarship Fund has assisted students with their college educational expenditures.  We are proud of the many recipients through the years for their excellence and dedication.  Today many of these recipients are pillars of our community.  They are now a contributing factor to our society.  Today they are doctors, educators, administrators and business owners.


The Parada San Juan Bautista serves to create solidarity and harmony within the entire community.  This is experienced at the grassroots level within the religious and educational community, the business and government sector at the city, county and state levels.  Its success in bringing together people from different cultures and background has integrated our activities and events into the social fiber of the city and surrounding communities.  The parade is a joyful celebration of Puerto Rican culture, folklore, art, history and customs.  It is the benchmark that marks the beginning of summer in the city.





In 1990 Rev. Salvador Negrin with 35 others recognized the growing needs of the Latino community and founded the Latin American Coalition. The following year the organization joined forces with United Way’s Hispanic Information and Referral Program and organized the first annual Latin American Festival, striking a balance of cultural programming and social service initiatives. 18 years after its inception, The Latin American Coalition is proud to be Charlotte’s oldest and largest Hispanic service agency.


The Latin American Coalition is dedicated to serving Mecklenburg County’s 75,000 Hispanic families with the services that allow them to overcome language, economic, educational and cultural barriers while offering the wider community opportunities to learn about and connect with the Latino population.  Our vision is to help build a diverse and vibrant Charlotte-Mecklenburg community which embraces supports and respects people of all cultures and backgrounds.





“The founding fathers of the Puerto Rican Festival never envisioned that such an effort was to become a tradition for the Puerto Rican community. The first festival was known as the Puerto Rican Day Parade. It epitomized the aspirations of a community in search of recognition and equality of opportunities. . 


In subsequent years the Puerto Rican Day Parade was to be known as the Puerto Rican Festival which became a full month of cultural and social activities. An added feature of the Festival has been the recognition of outstanding individuals for their contribution in benefit of the Latino community.


During the 1960’s our community was a victim of discriminatory practices perpetrated by various city agencies. The Police Department routinely used different standards when dealing with Latinos.   As far as Latinos were concerned, civil rights were non-existent. Police brutality was the norm. The 60’s were very difficult times for the Puerto Rican community.


The main objective of the first Puerto Rican Day Parade was to present a positive image of the Puerto Rican community.  We needed to escape the stereotype that was portraying us negatively.  Our goal was for the Parade to serve as a vehicle to help the rest of the community know us and understand us better.” 


The writer, Carlos J. Morales was a Concilio volunteer for over 30 years. He was the third Puerto Rican Festival President in 1966 and Concilio President from 1968 - 1972. He is the author of “Fifty years of History”, the story of the Puerto Rican Community in Philadelphia from the year 1950 to 2000. He is the Sports Editor of El Hispano Newspaper.




This organization was founded and incorporated as an organization in 2008 by Councilman-At-Large Manuel Segura in the City of Trenton. It was formed by six (8) Hispanic non-profit/civic  organizations from the County of Mercer:  The Puerto Rican Parade of Trenton, The Costa Rican Civic Organization, Columbian Civic Organization, Ecuadorian Civic Organization, The Dominican Civic Association, Guatemalan Civic Organization, Mexican Civic Organization and The Mercer County Merchant’s Organization. Our mission is to collaborate together with each other and other civic and cultural organizations to continuously educate our community to celebrate our culture, heritage, history, customs, and arts; develop scholarship funds for our Hispanic students and means of educating the Hispanic community by offering a variety of educational programs and events that can be enriched by promoting leadership and cultural pride.





Sociedad Herencia Puertorriqueña (SHP) is a non-profit organization founded in 1984, in San Antonio, with the objective of promoting and maintaining the Puerto Rican culture and traditions alive in the city. The organization also promotes personal and career development through scholarships offered to high school students interested in pursuing a higher education. The SHP is also committed to supporting the community at large by participating in civic endeavors in the city.


Among the cultural activities offered by our organization to the San Antonio community include an art exhibit, various piano concerts, and the presentation of our folklore dances to name a few. In 1988, our now traditional “Festival de Puerto Rico en San Antonio” was established. This cultural event in now celebrated every two years in November and commemorates the discovery of Puerto Rico. This festival brings together families from all across Texas in the spirit of celebration, showcasing our rich culture, traditional art, food, and music. Artisans come directly from Puerto Rico to share their distinctive talents. “Festival de Puerto Rico” celebrated on Sunday, November 23rd 2008, topped all others with a special appearance of the "Cabezudos" from the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián.


In 1993, The San Antonio Museum of Arts co-sponsored “Santos de Palo: Santos Caseros de Puerto Rico,” which was the first exposition of Puerto Rican Art in San Antonio. The event’s program included a series of conferences and educational activities held at the museum, depicting various aspects of our rich culture, such as dance, music, wood carvings, and our unique “mundillo” lace.


The city of San Antonio was first introduced to our typical Three Kings Day celebration in 1994. Now a yearly tradition, SHP delights the local children and their families offering a series of workshops to show children the art of making decorative crowns made out of paper. These are then worn by the children during a dramatization of the nativity manger scene, where the three Wise Men make a spectacular, though solemn, appearance distributing Puerto Rican candies to the children.


In 1995, with the co-sponsorship of Fomento Económico, SHP partnered with the University of Incarnate Word to host six Puerto Rican artisans, who exhibited their works and offered interesting seminars on campus about their traits.


In 2003, The San Antonio community was introduced to one of our most authentic musical instruments, the “cuatro,” with the participation of “Orquesta Cuerdas del Coquí.” In 2005, we presented La Tuna De Cayey, and in 2007, Don Modesto Nieves, one of Puerto Rico's cuatro Maestros. Some of these events were co-sponsored by the Puerto Rican Institute of Culture (ICP).

Our cultural activity a Concert at the Empire Theater on November 15, 2009, presented Antonio Barasorda, renowned Puerto Rican Tenor, on "A Serenade to San Antonio". Barasorda was accompanied by Alfonsina Molinari, soprano and Pedro Juan Jimenez, pianist.


Sociedad Herencia Puertorriqueña is proud of the contributions it has made to the diverse cultural fiber of San Antonio and neighboring cities throughout the last twenty five years.





The Cuatro, Puerto Rico's national instrument, is iconic of Puerto Rican culture.  It means "things Puerto Rican." The Festival del Cuatro of California is a sharing of Puerto Rican culture, through its music, with other Puerto Ricans and non-Puerto Ricans who might not otherwise have exposure to a musical tradition that is more than 300 years old.


The Festival del Cuatro of California serves as a vehicle for promoting our national instrument, traditional Puerto Rican music, and the broader Puerto Rican culture of which we are so proud. We do not do this in a narrow sense. We invite others who are not Puerto Rican to join us and to partake of this cultural feast as we seek to connect with other cultural traditions to promote understanding and better communication among all peoples.


The Festival Del Cuatro aims to highlight and celebrate Puerto Rico’s rich musical and cultural traditions by educating, entertaining, informing, and engaging the Puerto Rican community in California. We aim to promote a greater appreciation and understanding of Puerto Rican culture and build bridges to other communities in California.


The Puerto Rican Cuatro is a ten-string instrument with over 300 years of history that is used to play Puerto Rican traditional and modern music. The Festival Del Cuatro was founded in February 2005 to bring awareness of Puerto Rican culture and traditional art forms to California communities.


The Cuatro Festival aims to be an educational resource for the community and its young people.




Our primary motivation is to promote the cultural values and traditions that we have learned to love while living on the Island of Puerto Rico.  Our concern is that our children and their children will not appreciate the richness of our heritage.  Since there is nothing established here that provides education about our culture and history, most of what we remember will be lost in two generations.

It is still our intention to promote and foster social, civic and patriotic participation organized by local, state and national institutions.  Not only did Puerto Ricans join the Cultural Center as members but so did many representatives of other Hispanic nations, as well as several non-Hispanics that love our culture. 
Due to the different needs in our community, the Cultural Center has become the information and reference center for those needing assistance or orientation, evolving into a community based organization referring individuals/families to agencies that can assist them. We have developed partnerships with agencies such as The Heart Gallery that pictures children in need of adoption and Kissimmee Family Mission helping to feed the homeless and providing a lending hand to the forgotten members of our Community. 

We have celebrated our first year of evolution and success, establishing classes in music, art, dance and theatre, as well as committees dedicated to the community.  Our committees are as follows:  the parade, business expo and festival committee, social services, businesses, international relations, tourism, civic, education, history and traditions, arts, music, sports, children, youth, senior citizens, health, publications, media and radio show.
This organization has given each and every one of our members the joy and opportunity to “pay it forward”.   We are extending an invitation to you to become a member of our Cultural Center so that together we can continue building a stronger community, your community, our community.


14th Annual Regional Conference of Parades & Festival in Camden, New Jersey




























PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Atlantic County Puerto Rican Parade

President:                                Yvette Soto

Address:                                  6071 Hoover Drive

Address:                                  Mays Landing, New Jersey 08330

Telephone:                               609.226-8183

Email:                                      yvettesoto@hotmail.com

Website:                                  www.atlanticcityparade.com

Estimated Attendance:          



PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Inc.

President:                                Madelyn Lugo

Address:                                  2804 Third Avenue, Fifth Floor

Address:                                  Bronx, New York 10455

Telephone:                               718.401.0404

Fax:                                         718.292.2305

Telephone:                               718.292.4986

Email:                                      Nprdpin@aol.com

Website:                                  www.nationalpuertoricandayparade.org

Estimated Attendance:



PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Parada San Juan Bautista, Inc.

President:                                Juan J. González, Esq.

Address:                                  P.O. Box 2908

Address:                                  Camden, New Jersey 08101

Telephone:                               856.757.9600

Email:                                      juangoesq@hotmail.com

Website:                                  www.sjbp.org

Estimated Attendance:           40,000



FESTIVAL DATE:             

  1. Organization:                          La Familia Hispana, Inc.

President:                                Diosdado Lopez

Address:                                  P.O. Box 6550

Address:                                  Holyoke, Massachusetts 01041

Telephone:                               413.532.4496             

Email:                                      diosdadolopez@hotmail.com

Website:                                  www.lafamiliahispana.org     

Estimated Attendance:





  1. Organization:                          Civic Association for the Puerto Rican Day Parade

President:                                Hilda Mussara

Address:                                  P.O. Box 6045

Address:                                  Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

Telephone:                               201.792.6652

Estimated Attendance:


PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Desfile Puertorriqueño de Trenton, New Jersey

President:                                Idamis Perez-Margicin

Address:                                  P.O. Box 1661

Address:                                  Trenton, New Jersey 08607

Telephone:                               609.209.5009

Email:                                      imargicin@mercercounty.org

Website:                                  www.trentonprparade.org

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Allianza Cultural Puertorriqueña de Allentown, Inc.

President:                                Wanda Gonzales

Address:                                  P.O. Box 213

Address:                                  Allentown, Pennsylvania 18105

Estimated Attendance:


FESTIVAL DATE:             

  1. Organization:                          Comité Patriótico Cultural Puertorriqueño

President:                                Jacqueline Quiles

Address:                                  125-127 Bloomfield Avenue

Address:                                  Newark, New Jersey 07104

Telephone:                               732.882.3866

Fax:                                         732.697.1529                         

Estimated Attendance:           7000




  1. Organization:                          Centro Las Americas

Director:                                  Dolly Vásquez

Address:                                  11 Sycamore Street    

Address:                                  Worcester, Massachusetts 01608

Telephone:                               508.798.1900 *229

Fax:                                         508.798.1908

Email:                                      dollyvaz@hotmail.com

Website:                                  www.centrolasamericas.org

Estimated Attendance:






  1. Organization:                          Bayonne Hispanic Association, Inc.

President:                                Abett Hernandez

Address:                                  P.O. Box 1501

Address:                                  Bayonne, New Jersey 07002

Telephone:                               551.208.9943

Email:                                      bayhispanic@aol.com

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Desfile Puertorriqueño de Paterson, New Jersey

President:                                Carmen Rodriguez

Address:                                  P.O. Box 5451

Address:                                  Paterson, New Jersey 07501

Telephone:                               973.523.5452

Fax:                                         973.715.6930

Email:                                      casaprogram.carmen@hotmail.com

Estimated Attendance:


FESTIVAL DATE:             

  1. Organization:                          Dia De San Juan Festival

President:                                Benny Garcia

Address:                                  P.O. Box 69

Address:                                  La Mirada, California 90637

Telephone:                               714.522.6208

Telephone:                               310.549.1252                                     

Website:                                  www.fiestalegre.net

Estimated Attendance:           10,000


PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Desfile Estatal Puertorriqueño de New Jersey

President:                                Jacqueline Quiles

Address:                                  125-127 Bloomfield Avenue

Address:                                  Newark, New Jersey 07104

Telephone:                               732.882.3866

Fax:                                         732.697.1529                                     

Estimated Attendance:           7500




  1. Organization:                          National Puerto Rican Coalition, Inc
    President:                                Rafael A. Fantauzzi

Address:                                  1100 G Street, NW – Suite 805
Address:                                  Washington, D.C. 20005

Telephone:                               202.223.3915
Fax:                                         202.429.2223
Email:                                      nprc@nprcinc.org

Website:                                  www.nprcinc.org

Estimated Attendance:          


  1. Organization:              Council of Spanish Speaking Organizations, Inc. (Puerto Rican Parade of Jax)

President:                                Nilda Alejandro

Address:                                  4800 Saddlehorn Trail

Address:                                  Middleburg, Florida 32068

Telephone:                               904.291.3101

Email:                                      elconciliojax@yahoo.com

Website:                                  www.elconciliojax.org

Estimated Attendance:



PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Cultural Coalition of Bethlehem

President:                                Edward Melendez     

Address:                                  P.O. Box 469

Address:                                  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18016

Telephone:                               610.625.4644

Fax:                                         610.471.0708

Email:                                      edmelendez28@yahoo.com

Estimated Attendance:



PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Cultural Parade of Florida, Inc.                       

President:                                Sandra V. Acevedo

Address:                                  P.O. Box 2170

Address:                                  Lutz, Florida 33548

Telephone:                               813.949.2048

Fax:                                         813.949.9359

Email:                                      sandravacedo@gmail.com

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Parade & Cultural Organization of Northwest Indiana, Inc.   

President:                                Maritza Lopez

Address:                                  P.O. Box 3029  

Address:                                  1607 East Columbus Drive

Address:                                  East Chicago, Indiana 46312

Telephone:                               219.397.1217

Telephone:                               219.397.1324

Email:                                      maraidalop@msn.com

Estimated Attendance:









  1. Organization:                          Asociación Puertorriqueña y Hermanos de Queen

President:                                Clemencia Figueroa

Address:                                  56-04 68th Street

Address:                                  P.O. Box 380227

Address:                                  Maspeth, New York 11378

Estimated Attendance:


PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Day Parade of Western New York Association, Inc.

President:                                Charlie Torres             

Address:                                  P.O. Box 166

Address:                                  Buffalo, New York 14202

Telephone:                               716.668.4601

Fax:                                         716.845.9811

Email:                                      serrotfc@aol.com

Website:                                  www.prparadeofwny.org

Estimated Attendance:


FESTIVAL DATE:             

  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Festival of Rochester, Inc.       

President:                                Orlando J. Ortiz

Address:                                  P.O. Box 10098

Address:                                  130 North Winton Road

Address:                                  Rochester, New York 14610

Telephone:                               585.820.6484 

Email:                                      president@prfestival.com      

Email:                                      orlando.j.ortiz@gmail.com

Website:                                  www.prfestival.com

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Fiestas Patronales, Inc.

President:                                Frank Nieves

Address:                                  7400 Pines Boulevard

Address:                                  Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024

Telephone:                               954.559.5355

Email:                                      frank@prfiestas.com

Website:                                  www.prfiestas.com

Estimated Attendance:           20,000










PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Western Massachusetts Puerto Rican Parade

President:                                Diosdado Lopez

Address:                                  P.O. Box 6550

Address:                                  Holyoke, Massachusetts 01041

Telephone:                               413.532.4496             

Email:                                      diosdadolopez@hotmail.com

Website:                                  www.lafamiliahispana.org

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Western Region Puerto Rican Council

Chairman:                                Milagros Calderón-López

Address:                                  P.O. Box 2028

Address:                                  San Jose, California 95109

Telephone:                               888.200.1488

Email:                                      wrprc@hotmail.com

Website:                                  www.wrprc.org

Estimated Attendance:



PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Yonkers Puerto Rican and Hispanic Parade and Festival

President:                                Myriam Aponte

Address:                                  P.O. Box 467

Address:                                  Yonkers, New York 10705

Telephone:                               914.304.2779                         

Email:                                      mayaguezana37@aol.com

Website:                                  www.yonkersprhparade.com

Estimated Attendance:           10,000 – 15,000



PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Nuestras Raices Delaware, Inc.

President:                                Maria L. Perez

            Address:                                  P.O. Box 25167                                                                                             

Address:                                  Wilmington, Delaware 19899

Telephone:                               302.792.1699

Fax:                                         302.571.4298 

Email:                                      nuestrasraicesde@yahoo.com

Website:                                  www.nuestrasraicesdelware.org        

Estimated Attendance:           5,000








FESTIVAL DATE:             

  1. Organization:                          Cleveland Puerto Rican Parade & Latino Festival

Director:                                  Letitia Lopez

Address:                                  5209 Detroit Avenue

Address:                                  Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Telephone:                               216.961.2970

Fax:                                         216.251.4145

Email:                                      juliadeburgos@gmail.com

Website:                                  www.juliadeburgos.org/festparade

Estimated Attendance:


PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Aurora Puerto Rican Cultural Council, Inc.

President:                                Mirna Lopez-Freitag

Address:                                  P.O. Box 2802

Address:                                  Aurora, Illinois 60507

Cell:                                         630.631.9270

Fax:                                         630.906.9587

Email:                                      mirna.boricua@yahoo.com

Website:                                  www.aurora-prcc.org

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Fiestas de Loiza en Connecticut en Honor al Apostal Santiago, Inc.           

President:                                Raul Avila

Address:                                  P.O. Box 9

Address:                                  153 Lloyd Street

Address:                                  New Haven, Connecticut 06513

Telephone:                               203.500.1854

Fax:                                         203.772.3777

Email:                                      avilaraul67@yahoo.com

Estimated Attendance:



  1. Organization:                          Hermanos Fraternos de Loiza Aldea Carnival

President:                                Blanca Irizarry

Address:                                  1702 Lexington Avenue                    

Address:                                  New York, New York 10029                        

Estimated Attendance:












  1. Organization:                          Hispanic Alliance of Atlantic County, Inc.   

President:                                Manny Aponte

Address:                                  P.O. Box 7507           

Address:                                  Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401

Telephone:                               609.412.7421

Fax:                                         609.347.0741

Email:                                      hispanic.alliance@yahoo.com

Website:                                  www.haac.org            

Estimated Attendance:           15,000




  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Heritage Festival & Parade, Inc.          

President:                                Armando Roman

Address:                                  P.O. Box 8434

Address:                                  Jersey City, New Jersey 07308

Telephone:                               201.547.6921

Email:                                      JCPRParade@yahoo.com

Estimated Attendance:



  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Parade Committee of Chicago 


Address:                                  1237 North California Avenue

Address:                                  Chicago, Illinois 60622

Telephone:                               773.292.1414

Fax:                                         773.292.1860

Email:                                      jrivera_prpc@yahoo.com

Website:                                  www.prparadechicago.com   

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          El Teatro Rodante Hispanico Dance Company         

Director:                                  Noemi Robinson

Address:                                  P.O. Box 676

Address:                                  Brentwood, New York 11717

Telephone:                               631.589.3412

Cell:                                         516.729.3740

Email:                                      elteatro40@yahoo.com

Website:                                  www.adelantesc.org

Estimated Attendance:           75,000








PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Council of Spanish Speaking Organizations, Inc. (Concilio)

Executive Director:                 Joanna Otero-Cruz

Address:                                  705-09 North Franklin Street 

Address:                                  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123

Telephone:                               215.627.3100

Fax:                                         215.627.7440

Email:                                      Joanna.otero@elconcilio.net

Website:                                  www.elconcilio.net

Estimated Attendance:           60,000




  1. Organization:                          California BoricuaFest

President:                                Blas Bonilla    

Address:                                  1101 West McKinley Avenue           

Address:                                  Pomona, California 91786

Telephone:                               813.995.2117

Cell:                                         813.770.7284

Website:                                  www.theboricuafest.net

Estimated Attendance:           80,000            


PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Parade of Fairfield County

President:                                Luz N. Martinez

Address:                                  P.O. Box 447 

Address:                                  Bridgeport, Connecticut 06601

Telephone:                               203.579.7704

Telephone:                               203.545.7040 cell

Email:                                      luz.prpfc@gmail.com                         

Website:                                  www.prpfc.org

Estimated Attendance:           100,000



  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Festival of Arizona

President:                                Jose A. Benitez

Address:                                  4130 East Van Buren Street

Address:                                  Phoenix, Arizona

Telephone:                               480.593.2704

Fax:                                         480.219.3512

Estimated Attendance:











  1. Organization:                          Organización Civica y Cultural de Puertorriqueños en El Paso

President:                                Lydia Diaz

Address:                                  5137 Prince Edward Avenue 

Address:                                  El Paso, Texas 79924

Telephone:                               915.877.2884

Email:                                      nefd2918@earthlink.net

Estimated Attendance:



  1. Organization:                          Festival Puertorriqueño de New Jersey, Inc.

President:                                Felicita Negron

Address:                                  P.O. Box 1051           

Address:                                  Vineland, New Jersey 08362-1051

Home:                                     856.696.7111

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          La Casa de la Cultura/ Center for Latino Arts

Director:                                  Javier Torres

Address:                                  85 West Newton Street         

Address:                                  Boston, Massachusetts 02118

Telephone:                               617.927.1737

Fax:                                         617.236.7375

Website:                                  www.claboston.org

Estimated Attendance:



PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Cultural Festival & Parade of Rhode Island, Inc.

President:                                Vivian R. Moreno

Address:                                  807 Broad Street – Suite 224 Mailbox 8

Address:                                  Providence, Rhode Island 02907

Telephone:                               401.415.5563

Email:                                      prcfpri@yahoo.com

Website:                                  www.puertoricanri.com

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Hispanic Heritage Coalition

President:                                Rosemarie Ramos

Address:                                  P.O. Box 1152

Address:                                  Elgin, Illinois 60121

Telephone:                               630.338.7402

Email:                                      president@prho.org

Website:                                  www.prho.org

Estimated Attendance:           6000


FESTIVAL DATE:             

  1. Organization:                          Festival De La Isla

Director:                                  Linda August

Address:                                  P.O. Box 1036

Address:                                  Suisun, California 94585

Telephone:                               707.580.3167

Email:                                      festivaldelaisla@comcast.net

Website:                                  www.festivaldelaisla.com

Estimated Attendance:           1000



PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          California Puerto Rican Parade Association

President:                                Rebecca Diaz

Address:                                  P.O. Box 142

Address:                                  Montebello, California 90640

Telephone:                               310.549.1252

Email:                                      californiapuertoricanparade@yahoo.com

Website:                                  http://caprparade.org

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Civic Club

President:                                Rafael Serrano

Address:                                  P.O. Box 765 

Address:                                  San Jose, California 95106

Telephone:                               408.521.0926

Email:                                      puertorros@hotmail.com

Website:                                  www.puertoricancivicclub.org

Estimated Attendance:



  1. Organization:                          Sociedad Cultural Borincana, Inc.

President:                                Jose A. Abawarukoel Villalongo, Sr.

Address:                                  75 Ellison Street, B1, PMB 25

Address:                                  Paterson, New Jersey 07505

Telephone:                               862.571.2661

Email:                                      SCBorincana@optonline.net

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Festival Comunidad Latina de New Britain  

President:                                Miguel Nieves

Address:                                  55 Brittany Farms Road        

Address:                                  New Britain, Connecticut 06053

Telephone:                               860.832.8141 

Cell:                                         860.416.0298             

Estimated Attendance:


  1. Organization:                          Taller Puertorriqueño, Inc.

Executive Director:                 Carmen Febo-San Miguel

Address:                                  2721 North 5th Street

Address:                                  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19133

Telephone:                               215.426.3311

Fax:                                         215.426.5682

Email:                                      cfebo@tallerpr.org

Website:                                  www.tallerpr.org

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Civic Association of Hammonton

President:                                Gloria E. Stewart

Address:                                  P.O. Box 633 

Address:                                  Hammonton, New Jersey 08037

Telephone:                               609.567.4446 

Estimated Attendance:           2000



  1. Organization:                          Desfile Puertorriqueño de Florida Central, Inc.

President:                                Mildred Zapata

Address:                                  P.O. Box 4816           

Address:                                  Winter Park, Florida 32793

Telephone:                               407.277.4488

Email:                                      desfiledepr@aol.com

Estimated Attendance:



PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Parade South Florida, Inc.

President:                                Elizabeth Saldaña-Kobel

Address:                                  6018 Wilshire Drive

Address:                                  Tampa, Florida 33615

Telephone:                               813.884.0267

Email:                                      latinliz@boricua.com

Estimated Attendance:



  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Union of Mutual Aid, Inc.

President:                                Carlos Feliciano

Address:                                  616 East Street

Address:                                  Union City, California 94587

Telephone:                               510.329.2156

Email:                                      president@pruma.org

Website:                                  www.pruma.org

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Estudio Cuatro, Inc.

President:                                Alba M. Correa

Address:                                  P.O. Box 380034

Address:                                  San Antonio, Texas 78268

Telephone:                               210.391.4124

Email:                                      estudiocuatro07@yahoo.com  

Website:                                  www.estudiocuatro4.org

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican & Cuban Festival of Houston

President:                                Javier Ferrer

Address:                                  2723 Houston Avenue

Address:                                  Houston, Texas 77009

Telephone:                               713.446.1027

Email:                                      Javier@prcfestival.com

Website:                                  www.prcfestival.com

Estimated Attendance:



FESTIVAL DATE:             

  1. Organization:                          Festival del Cuatro, Inc.

President:                                Roberto Rivera

Address:                                  P.O. Box 235296

Address:                                  Encinitas, California 92023

Telephone:                               240.477.0381

Email:                                      roberto.rivera@festivaldelcuatro.org

Website:                                  www.festivaldelcuatro.org

Estimated Attendance:           1000




  1. Organization:                          Areyto Latino Festival

President:                                Maritza Rosa

Address:                                  P.O. Box 7895

Address:                                  New Haven, Connecticut 06519

Telephone:                               860.246.2100 *10                                          

Estimated Attendance:           120,000



  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Cultural Center

President:                                Ivette Cruz

Address:                                  38 School Street

Address:                                  Springfield, Massachusetts 01109

Telephone:                               413.737.7450

Fax:                                         413.737.1305

Website:                                  www.prccma.org

Estimated Attendance:


  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican State Parade & Festival of New York, Inc.

President:                                Humberto Soto

Address:                                  P.O. Box 187

Address:                                  Brooklyn, New York 11206

Telephone:                               718.455.3907 or 917.651.5595 cell

Fax:                                         718.602.2938

Email:                                      prparadeofny@yahoo.com

Estimated Attendance:



FESTIVAL DATE:             

  1. Organization:                          Cuban Parade and Festival of New Jersey

President:                                Emilio Del Valle

Address:                                  P.O. Box 95

Address:                                  North Bergen, New Jersey 07047

Telephone:                               201.325.0484

Fax:                                         201.867.7149

Email:                                      info@desfilecubano.com

Website:                                  www.desfilecubanodenj.com

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Peruvian Parade, Inc.

President:                                Hector L. Delgado

Address:                                  480-482 McBride Avenue

Address:                                  Paterson, New Jersey 07501

Telephone:                               973.523.0505

Email:                                      info@peruvianparade.com

Website:                                  www.peruvianparade.com

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Festival Puertorriqueño de Massachusetts, Inc.

President:                                Reinelda Rivera

Address:                                  1074 Hyde Park Avenue – PMB 035

Address:                                  Hyde Park, Massachusetts 02136

Telephone:                               877.286.5224

Cell:                                         617.816.7831

Email:                                      puertoricanfestivalofma@yahoo.com

Website:                                  www.prfestofma.org

Estimated Attendance:








  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance & Cultural Center

Director:                                  Dr. Ana Maria Tekina-eirú Maynard

Address:                                  701 Tillery Street

Address:                                  Austin, Texas 78702

Telephone:                               512.251.8122

Email:                                      dance@prfdance.org

Website:                                  www.prfdance.org

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Estamos Unidos de Pennsylvania      

President:                                Esmeralda Ybarra Hetrick     

Address:                                  P.O. Box 1853

Address:                                  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17105

Telephone:                               717.433.1784

Email:                                      esmeralda.hetrick@highmark.com

Website:                                  www.estamosunidospa.org                            

Estimated Attendance:


PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade, Inc.

President:                                Francisco M. Gonzalez

Address:                                  P.O. Box 1044 – Cornell Station

Address:                                  1950 Lafayettte Avenue

Address:                                  Bronx, New York 10473

Telephone:                               646.401.4787

Fax:                                         718.792.8797

Email:                                      bronxparade@yahoo.com

Estimated Attendance:           7000



  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

President:                                Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder

Address:                                  677 North Washington Boulevard – Suite 7

Address:                                  Sarasota, Florida 34236         

Telephone:                               941.966.2820

Email:                                      puertoricanchambersm@msn.com

Website:                                  www.puertoricanchambersm.com

Estimated Attendance:










PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:              Connecticut Institute for Community Development (CICD) Puerto Rican Parade

President:                                Aura Alvarado

Address:                                  P.O. Box 260009

Address:                                  Hartford, Connecticut 06126

Telephone:                               860.250.6541

Cell:                                         860.770.8942

Email:                                      aalvarado@crec.org or ideliscaraballo01@yahoo.com

Estimated Attendance:



  1. Organization:                          Western New York Hispanic & Friends Civic Association

President:                                Andres Garcia

Address:                                  73 South Pointe Drive

Address:                                  Lancaster, New York 14086

Telephone:                               716.859.4100 

Fax:                                         716.885.6533

Estimated Attendance:



  1. Organization:                          Comité Noviembre de Nueva York

Chairperson:                            Teresa A. Santiago

Address:                                  105 East 22nd Street

Address:                                  New York, New York 10011

Telephone:                               212.677.4181

Fax:                                         212.777.5106

Website:                                  www.comitenoviembre.org

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Bronx Latinos Unidos Parade

Director:                                  Guillermo Enrique Ching

Address:                                  3440 Broadway 2-E

Address:                                  Bronx, New York 10031

Telephone:                               212.926.1191

Estimated Attendance:



  1. Organization:                          National Hispanic Heritage Organization, Inc.

President:                                Feny Taylor

Address:                                  P.O. Box 120383

Address:                                  New Haven, Connecticut 06512

Telephone:                               203.300.1252

Estimated Attendance:







  1. Organization:                          Florida Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Brevard County)

Chairman:                                Samuel C. Lopez

Address:                                  2293 Aurora Road

Address:                                  Melbourne, Florida 32935

Telephone:                               321.752.1003

Cell:                                         787.675.1551

Fax:                                         787.750.5532

Email:                                      info@fprhcc.org

Website:                                  www.fprhcc.org

Estimated Attendance:



PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Cultural Center

President:                                Diana Hurlburt

Address:                                  150-152 South Prince Street

Address:                                  Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602

Telephone:                               717.397.8597

Cell:                                         717.397.7090

Email:                                      valentinlanc@aol.com

Website:                                  http://prcclancaster.org

Estimated Attendance:           20,000




  1. Organization:                          Annual Desfile Cultural Puertorriqueño

President:                                Matilde Balandra

Address:                                  38 School Street

Address:                                  Springfield, Massachusetts 01105

Website:                                  www.prccma.org

Estimated Attendance:



  1. Organization:                          Celebrate Puerto Rico in Paterson, Inc,

President:                                Luis Vega

Address:                                  120 North 13th Street

Address:                                  Paterson, New Jersey 07508

Cell:                                         973.851.3720

Fax:                                         973.321.1416

Estimated Attendance:


PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Brooklyn Three Kings Day Parade, Inc.

President:                                Radames Millan

Address:                                  89 Moore Street

Address:                                  Brooklyn, New York 11206  

Telephone:                               718.782.8753

Estimated Attendance:


PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Desfile de La Hispanidad, Inc.

President:                                Isabel C. DeJesus

Address:                                  P.O. Box 248

Address:                                  Trenton, New Jersey 08602

Telephone:                               347.837.6509

Email:                                      icristidejesus@yahoo.com

Website:                                  www.desfiledelahispanidad.org

Estimated Attendance:           7,000



PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Dominican Parade and Cultural Festival of Essex County

President:                                Ariagna Perello

Address:                                  100 Bloomfield Avenue

Address:                                  Newark, New Jersey 07104   

Telephone:                               862.600.5862

Email:                                      ariagna@ariagnaperello.com

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Cultural Society of Charlotte

President:                                Maggie Giraud

Address:                                  P.O. Box 38064

Address:                                  Charlotte, North Carolina 28278       

Telephone:                               980.230.5759

Email:                                      prcsc@live.com

Website:                                  www.prcscnc.com

Estimated Attendance:



FESTIVAL DATE:             

  1. Organization:                          APITO Centro Cultural de Puerto Rico

President:                                Rolando Lopez

Telephone:                               787.487.7007

Email:                                      rolando@apito.org

Website:                                  www.apito.org

Estimated Attendance:












FESTIVAL DATE:             

  1. Organization:                          Comité Civico Salvadoreño de New York, Inc.

President:                                Saul Linares Campo

Address:                                  50 Clinton Street – Suite 98

Address:                                  Hempstead, New York 11550

Telephone:                               516.368.1912

Fax:                                         516.565.0109

Email:                                      newsaul@hotmail.com

Website:                                  www.festivaldelsalvadoreno.com

Estimated Attendance:          



FESTIVAL DATE:             

  1. Organization:                          Fiesta Folklórica Puertorriqueña, Inc.

President:                                Aurea A. Mangual

Address:                                  P.O. Box 1007

Address:                                  Bronx, New York 10451

Telephone:                               917.379.7198

Email:                                      lafiestapr@aol.com

Website:                                  www.lafiestapr.org

Estimated Attendance:          



FESTIVAL DATE:             

  1. Organization:                          Desfile Puertorriqueño de Osceola, Inc.

President:                                Ingrid D. Figueroa

Address:                                  821 North Main Street

Address:                                  Kissimmee, Florida 34743

Telephone:                               407.575.1300

Telephone:                               407.201.6465

Email:                                      desfilepuertorriquenodeosceola@yahoo.com

Website:                                  www.ccprosceola.com           

Estimated Attendance:




  1. Organization:                          Adelante of Suffolk County, Inc. (Puerto Rican/Hispanic Day Parade)

Executive Director:                 Miriam M. E. Garcia

Address:                                  10 Third Avenue

Address:                                  Brentwood, New York 11717

Telephone:                               631.434.3481

Fax:                                         631.434.3496

Email:                                      miriam_g@adelantesc.org

Estimated Attendance:







PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Desfile Dominicano de New Jersey, Inc.

President:                                Elsa Mantilla

Address:                                  368 21st Avenue

Address:                                  Paterson, New Jersey 07501

Telephone:                               973.345.2326

Fax:                                         973.977.8098

Email:                                      desfiledrnj@aol.com

Website:                                  www.dominicanparadenj.org

Estimated Attendance:          



PARADE DATE:                

  1. Organization:                          Puerto Rican Cultural Parade & Festival of Arizona


Address:                                  1155 West Grove Parkway

Address:                                  Tempe, Arizona

Telephone:                               480.755.2402

Email:                                      grethay2000@yahoo.com

Estimated Attendance:          


























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Pennsauken, New Jersey 08109


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Or via fax to:               (856) 757-9633



Parade Date:                                                                                                                                                  


Parade Estimated Attendance:                                                          


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