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Make icons for your desktop! This way, any time you want to look for shoes, hair products, Hispanic parades or holidays, Spanish words, information about hair care, or lots of other topics, you can go straight to the desired page just by double-clicking an icon on your desktop. Here's how to do it in Windows....
Internet Explorer   Firefox and other browsers   Mac OS X

In Microsoft Internet Explorer...

Just drag the little pictures from the list just below to your desktop (“drag” means “put the mouse cursor over the image, press the left mouse button, move the mouse cursor to the desktop and then release the mouse button”). When a security warning pops up ("Are you sure you want to copy or move files to this folder?", click Yes (to assure yourself that this is safe, after creating the icon, right-click on it and look at its Properties and see the or address in the URL box.).

Aleida Home My home page at (tells What's New on top).
Hispanic Parades My Hispanic Parades and Festivals Schedule for the New York City area, which also has links to exclusive photo galleries of many of these events.
Aleida Shoes My high heels collections from, and other information about women's shoes (hint: when you visit this page, reload it to see different pictures).
Aleida Gifts My selection of gifts that women really want from
Aleida Hair Products Dominican Hair Products and other hair products that Dominican women use, from
Aleida Glossary My English-Spanish glossary for the hair salon.
Aleida Go straight to
This one won't get the icon because it links outside of

After you drag any of the links above to your desktop, any other link that you drag from my website to your desktop should get the icon automatically, as long as it is a link to a page at NOTE: This procedure was tested in Internet Explorer 8. In earlier versions, the new link might not get the icon. In that case, if you want the icon you can add it as explained in the next section, except that in Internet Explorer, you can not drag the little icon. Instead you should download it to your desktop. Right click on the following link, choose "Save Target As" (or "Save Link As") and save it to your desktop (or other desired place):

Then you can edit the properties of your desktop links to show this icon as described below.

In Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Other Browsers...

Other browsers don't let you drag Internet icons to the desktop. If you try to drag the icons in the previous section, you only get the image, not the link. But you can drag links. So if you download the icon separately, you can assign it to any link afterwards in the Shortcut properties dialog. First:
  1. Drag this little icon to your desktop (doesn't work in Internet Explorer):
    Aleida icon   (or download the icon as described above)
  2. Drag any link from any page on my website to your desktop. For example: You can use this link right now, but if it doesn't have an image, and you want to add one, follow the next steps.
  3. Right-click on the link you just dragged to the desktop and choose Properties.
  4. Click Change Icon.
  5. Click Browse, click Desktop, and then choose aleida.ico (which is the filename of the icon), click Open, then click OK, and OK again.
After you do this once, other shortcuts to pages might pick up the icon automatically (if not, use the same procedure for each one to add the icon). Here are shortcuts to the most-referenced pages: The last one won't get images automatically because it is not at, but you can use the procedure above to add the image if you wish.

In Mac OS X...

You can drag links to the desktop, but not icons, and also the title of the link isn't copied. So you will see an HTML icon with the URL as a title, for example:
It's not pretty but it works if you double-click on it.

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