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Linange No-Lye Shea Butter Cream Relaxer Kit Sensitive Scalp Formula

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Linange relaxer kit

A lot of people ask me about relaxers and honestly, I don't have a lot of experience with them because I go to the Dominican salon where they straighten my hair in their special way with no harsh chemicals, and if you live near a Domincan salon, I recommend you do the same!

There are two kinds of relaxers, the harsh ones with lye (sodium hydroxide, also called caustic soda, and for good reason) or similar strong ingredients, and the gentler “no-lye” ones, usually with calcium hydroxide. Pictured at left is the Linange No-Lye relaxer and the other products that must be used with it. Other highly regarded relaxer brands include Avlon Affirm, Mizani, and PhytoSpecific.

My best advice, if you are going to use a relaxer, is don't do it yourself — go to a salon and have a professional take care of you. The money you save by home treatment is not worth the risk of losing or damaging your hair or hurting yourself. Even the no-lye relaxers come with lots of warnings. The only reason I have relaxers on my website is in case you want to purchase a particular kind and bring it to the salon where they can treat you, either because the salon doesn't have the products you want, or to save money.

The Linange No-Lye Kit

Left to right in the photo above: the Linange Neutralizing Conditioner, Linange Restructuring Mask with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, Linange Activator Liquid (to mix with the relaxer), and the Linange No-Lye Shea Butter Cream Relaxer. In the background, a box that contains four relaxer treatments (four relaxers and four liquid activators).

Although this is a gentle relaxer for sensitive scalps, the label says “for professional use only”; this is true for all relaxers. The treatment proceeds as follows: first the stylist mixes the activator with the relaxer, then applies the mixture to your hair according to directions. After the indicated amount of time, your hair is rinsed thoroughly with water. Then the neutralizing conditioner is applied to detoxify your hair. Then the conditioner is rinsed out and the hair mask is applied. Therefore, the procedure requires all four products shown above.

You can order by clicking the three buttons just below, or the first three icons below. The fourth icon is for the Linange relaxer with lye, in case you want to read the reviews. The fifth is the Linange Texturizer, which is just like a relaxer (with lye or calcium hydroxide) but is left on the hair for a shorter time to leave your hair curly rather than perfectly straight.

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