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Kanechom products Kanechom is a hair-care brand from Brazil seeing new popularity in the USA, especially among African-American and Hispanic women, whose hair is similar to the hair of most Brazilian women. See below for all of the Kanechom products you can order from Amazon.com. CLICK HERE to see the high customer ratings.

Kanechom has about a dozen different lines, each based on natural ingredients such as shea butter, keratin, argan oil, ašai, ceramides, aloe vera, joborandi, avocado, goat's milk, mixed fruits, melanin, silicon, and/or proteins. Different lines are for different hair types: dry, treated, tinted, damaged, curly, dark, etc, and each line usually includes a shampoo, a conditioner, a mask, and a leave-in.


Kanechom Products Available from Amazon.com

Ratings (stars) as of July 29, 2016.  Contents...
Intensive straightening Shea butter and keratin Argan oil and keratin Avocado and linseed oil Ašai berry extract Goat's milk Aloe vera Mixed fruits Ceramides and omega-3 Kanechom with Silicon Mix

Intensive Straightening

Kanechom Liso Intenso

Shea Butter (KaritÚ) and Keratin

Vitality, moisturizing, and manageability for dry and damaged hair. Note: KaritÚ and Keratin are two different things; karitÚ is shea butter and Keratin is a protein found in hair and nails.
Kanechom Shea Butter Combo Set

Argan Oil and Keratin

For hair damaged by sun, wind, brushing, direct heat, or chemicals. Repair, anti-frizz, shine, and softness.
Kanechom Argan Oil Combination Set

Avocado and Linseed Oil

Moisturizing, softness, nutrition, and strengthening for dry brittle hair.
Kanechom Avocado Oil Combination Set


Brazilian Ašai berry extract. Moisturizing and strength for dry and weakened hair.
Kanechom Ašai Combination Set

Goat's Milk with Protein Complex

Moisturization and strength for dyed or chemically treated hair.
Kanechom Goat Milk Conditioning Mask

Aloe Vera with Protein and Silicon

Curl tamer... Moisturization, silkiness, and anti-frizz for wavy, curly, or nappy hair.
Kanechom Goat Aloe Vera Combo Set

Mixed Fruit

For dry and brittle hair: Repairs, smooths, and adds shine.
Kanechom Mixed Fruit Conditioner

Ceramides and Omega 3

Moisture and shine for dry damaged hair.
Kanechom Mixed Fruit Conditioner


Kanechom with Silicon Mix

By the way, the latest trend is to combine Brazilian Kanechom products with Dominican Silicon Mix products. You can find lots of videos about this on Youtube, CLICK HERE to see them. Amazon sells about 40 different Kanechom-Silicon-Mix combination sets, like:
Kanechom + Silicon Mix Kanechom + Silicon Mix
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