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Aleida Morel and Alter Ego neQual Energizing Shampoo
neQual Energizing Shampoo by Alter Ego, Italy(*). Hair by Daisy, Yenni's Grand Salon #2, Waterbury CT. Nails by Marilýn Rodríguez, Romana Salon, Copiague NY. Nail color Red Royalty 999 by Dior. Makeup by Aleida. Fantastic Plum 461 creme lipstick by Chanel.
In 2013, Alter Ego replaced its neQual shampoo with a new sulfate- and paraben-free version, called Botanikare, which serves the same purpose, namely to be used in conjunction with one of Alter Ego's hair lotions to fight hair loss and promote hair growth. Then in 2017, the neQual Energizing Shampoo came back [see it HERE].
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