Three Kings Day Parade East Harlem 6 January 2016

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As the website says: “Our favorite time of the year is upon us! Enjoy live camels, colorful puppets, music, and dancing on this magical day. This year, we celebrate our youth and those who devote their lives to the social and economic well-being of young people.”

They're so right! Young people are given the opportunity to chat with the Kings/Queens, Grand Marshalls, of the parade, and then afterwards presents for everyone! One Police Officer stated to this reporter a couple of years ago its the most peaceful parade in the city!

The parade normally starting at 11:00am ending around 12:30pm. The parade begins at 106th Street and Lexington Avenue and ends at 115th Street and Park Avenue. Afterwards there was free admission to the galleries, Latin American Food, and Music to all. To add the temperature was perfect for a parade, the temperature would go up to between 50-55 degrees. This reporter has one can see also joined in on the fun.

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