Bronx Day Festival and Parade May 21, 2017

Parade photos by Frank da Cruz, Copyright © 2017, all rights reserved.

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Bronx Week Logo The 46th annual Bronx Week Festival and Parade, May 21, 2017, 11:00am, the culmination of Bronx Week (May 11-21), hosted by Bronx Borough President Rubén Díaz Jr., featuring Bronx schools and community groups, youth athletic teams and cheerleaders, health care providers, the 2017 Bronx Walk of Fame inductees:   Manny Villafana, Funkmaster Flex, Selenis Leyva, and Prince Royce, plus Bronx DA Darcel Clark and thousands of other people who make the Bronx the best place to be. With food stands, vendors, DJs, and live entertainment.

El 46º Festival y Desfile de Semana Bronx, 21 de mayo de 2017, 11:00am, culminando la Semana Bronx (11-21 de mayo), organizado por Rubén Díaz Jr., Presidente del Condado de El Bronx, presentando escuelas y grupos comunitarios del Bronx, los eligidos al Bronx Paseo de la Fama :   Manny Villafana , Funkmaster Flex, Selenis Leyva, y Prince Royce, además Bronx DA (fiscal) Darcel Clark, y miles de personas que hacen del Bronx el mejor lugar por donde estar. Con puestos de comida, vendedores, DJs y artistas en vivo.

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• Setting Up   • The staging area   • Checking the stage and the vendor area again   • The staging area revisited   • Celebrities   • The parade   • Dancing groups   • After the parade

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Setting Up

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The staging area

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Checking the stage and the vendor area again

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The staging area revisited

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The parade

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Dancing groups

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After the parade

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