Top Ten (+1) hair products in MARCH 2019

Bo Crece Pelo Natural Phitoterapeutic Treatment for Hair Growth 36oz
Alter Ego Impac Ego Energizing Rebalancing Cream
Silicon Mix Intensive Hair Deep Treatment
BOE Crece Pelo 5-Pack Combo Set
BOE Crece Pelo Shampoo and Rinse Duo
UNA Compensating Shampoo for hair loss
Apretadora Tratamiento Capilar Fortalecedor
Boe Crece Pelo Combo Set II
UNA Oxygenating Treatment for Hair Loss 2-Pack
Silicon Mix Bambu Nutritive Combo Set
SOGX Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Healing Treatment
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Dominican Hair Salons
What is a Dominican Hair Salon?
Dominican women are famous for their long beautiful hair, and for the good care they take of it! Almost every dominican woman goes to a Dominican hair salon at least once a week, where Dominican stylists have their own special method of straightening and styling hair, perfected over 500 years, that does not involve harsh chemicals or direct heat, which damage the hair and scalp.
Read about Dominican Salons  ←Click
Where is a Dominican hair salon in my area?
In the USA, most Dominican salons are in the New York City and Miami areas, but they are spreading all over the country... and the world!
List of Dominican Salons  ←Click
The list shows the salons where I have my own hair or nails done, which is in New York City and Connecticut, because I know personally that they do a very good job and if you visit them, you will not be disappointed (tell them Aleida sent you!)  

The list also contains salons recommended by my readers. If you don't see a Dominican salon in the list that is near you, it means nobody has recommended one to me yet. If you find a good Dominican salon that is not on my list , please send me your recommendation and a mini-review with the name and address of the salon and I can add it to my list. Good salons deserve all the publicity they can get! I don't know about any Dominican salons that are not already on the list. But I do have a Dominican Salon Locator that you can use to look for one in your area; click on this button to use it:

Dominican Hair Salon Locator  ←Click
There are two custom searches: One in Google, the other in in the telephone book. Try them both; the Google search works for all countries, the phone book one works only in the USA.

If you find a Dominican salon you like, please send me your recommendation so the next person will be able to find it. This way your salon will get more customers and won't disappear because nobody knows about it!

What is
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Can I sell your products?    Can I buy your products wholesale?
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Dominican hair care products For many years I was Beauty Consultant specializing in makeup and skin care. Although I am not a hairdresser or a manicurist, I believe that, in addition to makeup, hair and nails are essential components of a women's beauty. And as a Beauty Consultant who was also from the Dominican Republic, I received a Lot of requests for Dominican hair products, which are famous all over the world, and so I have put a page on my site that gathers together in one place the brands and products that are popular among Dominican women:

as well as some pages highlighting specific brands or products:

Alter Ego Impac Ego Garlic Treatment
UNA by Rolland Protein Treatment
Avanti Silicon Mix Intensive Hair Treatment
Bo Crece Pelo ("grow hair")
Universal La Bomba Deep Treatment in 3 Steps
Deep Treatment Avocado Cream
Alopecil Apretadora Hair Fortifying Treatment
Capilo Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner
plus a page that tells you about Dominican hair salons from an insider's perspective:
and even English-Spanish glossaries for English speakers who want to try a Dominican salon, where a little Spanish goes a long way!

But with every new page or service come more questions, more than I could ever answer personally every day! Here are the questions I receive most often, with answers.

2. Dominican hair care and products
What is the best hair care line?

Nobody can tell you what The Best hair-care line is, because there are too many of them to compare, and because different products can be better for different women. But... if I had to pick one brand to recommend to everybody, regardless of type or condition of hair — straight, curly, nappy, chemically straightened, dyed, bleached, damaged, overprocessed, thin, thick, dry, oily, young, old and grey, frizzy, falling — it would be Alter Ego by Pettenon Cosmetics S.p.A (which happens to be Italian, not Dominican) because:

CLICK HERE to read more about Alter Ego and see some featured products.

CLICK HERE to see a long list of Alter Ego products (clickable links).

And if you ask me what is the most indispensable of all the Alter Ego products? I would have to say the garlic conditioner   (read the reviews!). By the way, this goes under various names, depending on the packaging: Impac Ego, Hot Oil Treatment, Garlic Mask, etc, but they are all the same.

And to fight hair loss? For many years I recommended the Alter Ego Hair Loss Combination Set but stopped selling it, so now you have to order the items individually:

  1. The Garlic Treatment (conditioner).
  2. The neQual Energizing Shampoo.
  3. The neQual Energizing Lotion.
What is so special about Dominican hair care?
Dominican women are like the “stress test” for hair products! We have African hair, mixed with European Spanish and Native American (Tano / Caribe / Arawak) in all different proportions and combinations. And we come from a tropical paradise where it can get very hot and the sun can almost cook our hair!

Over hundreds of years, Dominican women have perfected hair care techniques based on the healthy natural ingredients of our country like coconut, cinnamon, avocado, oregano, and rosemary, that beautify our hair and allow it to grow without using harsh chemicals or direct heat (hot combs). In the modern age of electricity and hair dryers Dominican stylists, always ingenious, have developed what Americans call the “Dominican Blowout”, but we just call the levado y secado (wash and dry), that makes our hair smooth and lush and silky without hurting it. Read about this technique HERE

What is it about Dominican hair products?
These products were developed to satisfy the diverse needs of Dominican women and their different hair textures. A lot of Americans have hair like ours, and so do many Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Venezuelans, and others. We use these products because they work so well for us without harming our hair. We also use some brands that are made in other countries, such as Italy, Spain, Brazil, France, and even the USA – if it works, it doesn't have to be Dominican!
What are the Dominican hair products?
Shampoos, rinses, deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, relaxers, detanglers, emergency repair treatments, anti-hair-loss treatments, growth stimulators, plus special shampoos for dandruff or oily hair or dull hair, and other products for special purposes like adding shine, covering gray, and so on. Some of the best selling brands are Avanti Silicon Mix, Bo Crece Pelo, Capilo, Universal La Bomba, Lafier, Lady Fior, Miss Key, Nacidit, Star Lacio Lacio, and Crom Toque Mgico, to name only a few. Some brands made in Italy, Spain, France, Brazil, and other countries are popular too, such as: Alter Ego, UNA by Rolland, Ren Furterer, and Salerm. CLICK HERE for a more detailed list of the hair products that Dominican women use.
Who can use Dominican hair products?
Do I have to be Dominican to use these products? [no]
Are they only good for Dominican hair? [no]
Are Dominican products good for African American hair? [yes]

The hair products on this website are mainly intended for two kinds of woman (who are often the same woman!)...

  1. Women with textured hair, Caribbeans like us, or African Americans, or West Indians, or anybody whose hair has some “African roots” or is coarse, or very curly or unruly. It doesn't matter if you wear your hair natural, if you have it blown out like me, or chemically straightened or straightened with direct heat.

  2. Women with hair that has been damaged by overprocessing, hot combs, harsh chemicals, exposure to the sun, or excessive bleaching or coloration, and is dry and brittle, or won't grow, or might even be falling out.

But many of the products can be used by anybody. Even men! When you go to a product order page like this one, you can read about the product: what it's for, how to use it, any customer reviews, and (in some cases) the ingredients.

Be sure to read the product description on the product page before ordering to make sure the product is appropriate for you. For example, some products are for professional use only, meaning they should be used only by licensed hairdressers. Others, especially relaxers, might require you to wear rubber gloves and avoid contact with the skin (I do not recommend you apply relaxer to your own hair; see below). Certain conditioners (like Apretadora) must be used before you shampoo, others (like Crece Pelo) after. Always read the instructions (and follow them!)  You might also want to look around the Internet to see what people are saying about a particular product; search for it in Google, or check some of the hair-care forums.

Can the anti-hair loss products by used during pregnancy and breast feeding?
It depends on the brand:
  • Alter Ego: According to a company representative, Yes, all the drops may be used while pregnant and while breast feeding.
  • BO Crece Pelo: According to a company representative, "Yes, of course, they are made from natural ingredients that don't affect the health in a state of pregnancy or lactation".
  • Ren Furterer: According to the product packaging, this company's anti-hair loss products should NOT be used by pregnant women.
  • Others: Check the product labels. If they don't say anything specific about pregnancy or breast feeding they are probably OK but if you need confirmation, let me know and I will try to obtain clarification from the manufacturer.
How can I get these products?
Follow the links on my pages to order them, such as the main hair products page. The order is processed safely and securely by and shipped directly from Amazon or from one of its subcontractors. I do not handle the products personally. If you can't find a product that you are looking for, let me know, maybe I can help.

Since each product might be shipped by a different company, the shipping policies and costs can be different for different products. Check each product page for details.

Can I get these products in a store?
Most of the hair products – especially the Dominican ones – are hard to find in stores. Perhaps some of them are sold in some stores but I do not have a list; there is no way I can keep track of which products are sold in which stores all over New York City, the United States, and the entire world! Sometimes some of the products are sold in Dominican beauty salons. But it is because these products are hard to find that I made my hair products web pages, where you can find almost all the brands that are popular among Dominicanas in one place where they can be ordered conveniently and securely. Similarly for shoes and other products; I have no information about all the places where a particular product might be sold. See this page for further information.
Can products be shipped outside the USA?
Please visit my Amazon page for a complete explanation of international ordering and shipping.
Can you recommend products for me?
First, see above about the Alter Ego line. Then, in the following questions I try to give you some suggestions, but I can not tell you which product will work best for you, because every woman and every head of hair is unique, and different products work differently for different women. That's why there are so many products! What I do recommend, however, is that (unless you really know what you are doing) you don't mix and match shampoos, rinses, and conditioners from different companies, but instead use the ones that come together in a combination set, because they are designed to work together. For example, see the instructions for the La Bomba Deep Treatment or Bo Crece Pelo.
CLICK HERE to see a Lot of Combination Sets.
Can I read reviews?
Amazon includes all reviews submitted by customers for each product, good or bad, right on the product page. You can even write your own reviews there. For example, see the Alter Ego Hot Oil Treatment with Garlic page, that includes a very helpful review from a customer who lets us know that our “hair will NOT smell like garlic after using the product!”

You can also find a lot of information about Dominican hair products and salons on Internet discussion sites where women share their experiences, like Black Hair Planet, Long Hair Care Forum, Urban Curlz,, NaturallyCurly.colm,, and probably lots more!

What products can I use for dry, damaged, or color-treated hair?
All the brands listed on my pages are specially formulated for women with damaged or overprocessed hair that is dry or brittle. Everybody has their favorite brand. I can't say that one brand or product would be better for you than any other one, but I can say that I have had very good results with Alter Ego, UNA, Cosmo Service, RR Line, Silicon Mix, and Lafier. But that's just me! Anyway, I also recommend you read this page from the United States Food and Drug Administration Office of Women's Health about hair dyes and relaxers. Here are some of the products you can order here that are specially formulated for dry, damaged, dyed, or overprocessed hair:

When choosing a treatment, keep in mind it is best to use it together with a shampoo, rinse, leave-in, detangler, etc, of the same brand, that are designed to work together. Usually these are sold as combination sets, such as the ones from Nacidit, Salerm, Silicon Mix, La Bomba, etc.

“But these products contain alcohol, won't that dry out my hair?” There are different kinds of alcohol. Ethyl alcohol (ethenol), SD alcohol, propyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol can dry your hair out; these are used in a lot of drug-store hair products.

On the other hand, the “fatty alcohols” such as lauryl alcohol (dodecanol), cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, and cetearyl alcohol are emollients that help to hydrate and condition the hair and make it soft and manageable. The fatty alcohols are the ones that are used in the Dominican products and other products listed on this site.

Sometimes when you read the ingredients of a hair product, you wonder about the long chemical names. You can look them up in Google. For example, cetyl alcohol is natural, nowadays usually made from palm kernel or coconut oil; ditto for lauryl alcohol. Stearyl alcohol comes from animal or vegetable fats or oils. Cetearyl alcohol is a mixture of cetyl and stearyl alcohol.

Some people think every chemical with a long name is dangerous or harmful. Some of them might be, but how can we know for sure? I don't think we can. Every person is different and can react differently to different substances. The best way to tell if a product is right for you is to READ THE REVIEWS. The more reviews a product has, the more trustworthy the rating. But you should still read them. For example, maybe a certain hair product is very good for Caucasian hair but not so good for African-American hair, and the rating might not reflect that because all the reviewers were white. Maybe a product has an ingredient that some people consider harmful, but if hundreds of people use the product with good results and no complaints, maybe the ingredient is OK after all.

What products are best for hair growth or to prevent hair loss?
There are lot of products for that! Many of them are especially formulated for women whose hair has been damaged by years of strong chemicals or direct heat for relaxing their hair. Some of these companies are devoted exclusively to hair growth / hair loss issues, such as Bo (“crece pelo” means “grows hair”). These products can be helpful in many cases, but remember:

  • Different products work differently for different people;
  • Hair can be lost for many reasons and not all of them can be treated by over-the-counter products. Examples include infections and hormone imbalances.

It should do no harm to try products such as these first; they could save you the time and expense of medical treatement. But if nothing seems to help, you should consult a dermatologist or endocrinologist.

Alter Ego Italy
UNA by Rolland Italy
Alfaparf Milano Italy
Bo Cosmetics Dominican Republic
Cosmo Service Italy
Kuz Italy
Natrol, Inc. USA
Nioxin USA
ЯR Line (RR Line) Italy
Salerm Spain

I can't guarantee results or tell you which brand will work best for you, but I can tell you that the Alter Ego, Rolland UNA, and Bo Crece Pelo brands are big sellers and have 5-Star ratings from Amazon customers.

Remember that a woman's hair grows only about half an inch a month (about a centimeter), so even when a product works well, it takes a long time to see the results. The most important thing to look for in the early weeks is that hair loss stops. If not, you should consult a dermatologist because women's hair loss can happen for different reasons and not all of them can be helped by over-the-counter products. For more information, CLICK HERE.

What about relaxers?
As you probably know, relaxers usually contain strong chemicals that can damage your hair or your scalp. There are some gentler ones that I talk about below, but if you live near a Dominican salon, you might not even need a relaxer! A lot of Dominican women (including me) go to the salon once or twice a week for the levado y secado (wash and dry), that relaxes our hair without chemicals and leaves it with a lot of body! You can read about that in my Dominican salons page.

The Linange line is a favorite in almost every Dominican salon. It contains shea butter, which comes from the seed of the shea tree. Shea butter is good for the hair and for the skin and for the scalp too. There is also a special version of the Linange relaxer for women with sensitive scalps. According to the directions, the Linange relaxer must be used with the Linange Neutralizing Conditioner and the Linange Restructuring Hair Mask. You can get the three together in the Combination Set. I also highly recommend the Alter Ego Impac Ego Treatment with Garlic conditioner and the Alter Ego Botanikare Shampoo for your everyday hair care; for me, and for most people, they really do improve the texture and manageability of our hair while putting the brakes on hair loss and shedding.

5-Star Angela Tolbert "Miki" (Atlanta, GA USA), review:
I must say that I am very pleased with the results of this relaxer [Linange]. I purchased the relaxer online and I took it with me to the salon. I did not have to worry about any hair damage; because it is so gentle and mild. There was no burning or tingling at all; and my hair was not in the least bit overprocessed. My hair is beautiful, shiny, healthy, and stronger after the use of this relaxer. I have received several compliments; and I plan to re-order in a couple of days as a matter of fact. I am even thinking about looking into the texturizer version of it.

Other highly regarded relaxer brands include Avlon Affirm, Mizani, and PhytoSpecific.

My best advice, if you are going to use a relaxer, is don't do it yourself — go to a salon and have a professional take care of you. The money you save by home treatment is not worth the risk of losing or damaging your hair or hurting yourself. Even the no-lye relaxers come with lots of warnings. The only reason I have relaxers on my website is in case you want to purchase a particular kind and bring it to the salon where they can treat you, either because the salon doesn't have the products you want, or to save money.

How do I protect my hair from the chlorine that's in tap water?
I have been here in the USA for a year now and people tell me that the water has a lot of chlorine. Do you think the water can damage my hair? Because I always wash it in tap water.

Everybody does it that way, what else can we do? Even bottled water, if we bought it, probably came from faucets just like the water in your house.

I'm not a doctor or a chemist, but everbody knows that chlorine can damage the hair, not to mention the rest of the body. It depends on how much chlorine is in the water where you live, the parts per million (ppm). (Usually the concentration is higher in swimming pools than in tap water.)

The chlorine kills bacteria in the water. The less chlorine, the higher the risk of infection. The more chlorine, the higher the risk of toxicity. You can read more about chlorine in water purification HERE.

The effect of chlorine on the hair is to dry it out, leaving it brittle. It can also affect the color.

The ideal solution is to remove the chlorine from the water as it comes out of the faucet. That's what water filters do. You can buy them for your shower too: CLICK HERE to see a good example, or see below.

There are also hair products that neutralize the chlorine, used mainly by swimmers; for example this shampoo and this conditioner, but these are not specially formulated for texturized hair.

Do hair products have expiration dates?
Hair products don't have expiration dates, the FDA does not require them. Supposedly these products are stable until the container is first opened. Then, once they are exposed to air, water, fingers, etc, they have a certain number of months of safe use. This should be shown on the container in a little icon of an open container with a number inside, For the UNA Protein Treatment (shown at left), the number is 12. So you can use it safely for up to 12 months after you open it.

Conditioners like the Rolland protein treatment (see image) are especially easy to contaminate when you keep them in the shower. Water can collect when you open them, and when you scoop some out with your fingers, some bacteria can be added. Then when you close the jar, the bacteria can multiply. That's why some makers are starting to sell conditioners in tubes or in jars with pumps like this one from Alter Ego (see gallery photo).

Here are some other examples of "months of safe use" icons from other hair products:

Rolland UNA
12 months
Alter Ego
Alter Ego
12 months
Alter Ego
Alter Ego
12 months
Alter Ego
Alter Ego
24 months
Alter Ego
12 months
Alter Ego
Rolland UNA
12 months
(Click on each image for a larger view.) Not all hair products have this icon.

Do you have a question I didn't answer? Contact me!

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