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I'm sorry, Elaine is a genius with nails, but she had to close her salon in 2016.

For your nails I recommend...

Elaine All Nails
Dominican Manicure   Dominican flag  Bronx flag
261 East Gun Hill Road     Bronx NY
Acrylic nails
Eyelash extensions
Body massage
Body hair removal
Elaine All Nails letrero
Elaine All Nails Salon Summer 2014: NOW OPEN AS A NAIL SALON! Between Tryon Avenue and Putnam Place, near Montefiore.

Elaine All Nails Salon
Aleida Morel Dominicanidades
New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut
Nail salons in the Bronx NYC. Manicure Dominican Style - Manicurist / pedicurist / nail technician in the Bronx. French manicure. Golden nails. Pink and white acrylic in NY. The art of handpainted acrylic nail design. Nail shop Bronx, New York City. Well cared-for perfect nails are the mark of a competent, confidant woman!
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