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Tutorial: How to buy shoes at

How to Order Shoes from

Shopping for shoes at can be a little complicated because the shoes are sold and shipped not only by Amazon itself, but also by hundreds of other companies who act as subcontractors to Amazon. Each company has its own methods, policies, procedures, pricing, shipping terms and conditions, and shipping cost. Some shoes might have free two-day shipping (within the USA), others might have a shipping charge as much as $30 and take a month to arrive because they come from all the way from China! Most others are in between, with a shipping charge of $5-$10 and a shipping time of 5-10 days. The only way to find out is to go through steps of the ordering process. If the shipping is too expensive or too slow, you can stop before completing the order. If the shoe doesn't ship to your country at all, you can use a package forwarding service.
Boutique 9 Caurah Pump from In this page I show you how to search for and order shoes at For general information about ordering onine, especially internationally, please see this page and this one; if you're not familiar with ordering online please consult these pages.

Paulette-01 by Liliana has something like 200 thousand different women's shoes for sale. The overwhelming majority of them, in my opinion, are ugly (the same is true of any other place that sells shoes). But among them there are some gems. Part of the service I provide is to look for those few gems among the tens of thousands of ugly or ordinary shoes, which takes a lot of time and patience, to save you the trouble.

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If you are looking elegant, classic high heeled pumps, sandals, or boots, with straps or without, I suggest that you look in these pages first instead of going straight to Amazon, because this way you won't be overwhelmed with flats, flip-flops, motorcycle boots, and other irrelevant styles. When you see a shoe you like in one of these pages, just click on the image to go to the product page where you can see the price, the available sizes and colors, and other details, and order it if you wish.

How to order a specific shoe from

Choosing a shoe
Step #3... Choose the color. In this case the shoe is available in Black and in White.

Choosing the color - image temporarily unavailable

Step #1... Visit my page shoes-en.html, choose a shoe that you like, and click on it. If the shoe is sold out, you will come to a page that says either “Currently unavailable” or “Looking for something?” (click here for more information about sold-out products).
Step #2... You come to the product page for the shoe (click to enlarge). In this case you can see there are different colors and different prices.

Choosing a shoe - image temporarily unavailable

←   If you hover the mouse over the the little box, the color is written above. Click on the image of the shoe in the desired color to indicate that you want that color.
For other views of the shoe, after choosing the color, you can pass the mouse over the little images under the big image. To enlarge the big image, you can pass the mouse over it, or click on it.

Selecting the size - image temporarily unavailable Step #4... “Select size” If the shoe is available in more than one size, you have click the word “Select” (or the little triangle next to it) and then click the desired size. The sizes are usually shown in the North American system. If you live in the UK, Europe, Latin America, or elsewhere you can click on the words “Sizing info” next to the “Select” box, or you can click on the conversion table that I have on my site:

International shoe size conversion table

Remember, you have to choose the color (if there is more than one) and the size before you can order the shoe.
Add to cart - image temporarily unavailable Step #5... “Add to cart”. Having selected and color and size, now you can see the final price, in this case USD $129.99. To convert to another currency click here. “In Stock” means the shoe is available in the color and size you have indicated. To buy the shoe, click on the yellow “Add to Cart” button.

(Amazon will not let you order a shoe in a color and/or size that is not in stock.) From here on, the steps for paying and arranging shipment are the same as for any other product.

How to search for shoes in

In this section I explain how to search for shoes at if you are looking for something that I don't have in my collections. Step #1... Click here to go straight to the Amazon's department of women's shoes.

Step #2... In the menu on the left under “Browse” click in the desired category, for example “Sandals” or “Pumps” o “Boots”. Since this site specializes in high heels, those are the most appropriate categories. In this example, we choose Sandals; the other categories work the same way.

Step #3... Now you come to the main Women's Sandals page. On this occasion we there are more than 32 thousand different sandals for sale. These are presented 48 per page. You have scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says “Next” to see the next 48, and so on. But that will take all day! To narrow the search, there's a menu on the left where you can specify a particular style, size, width, and/or color.

Here you click on the desired “Shoe Shape”, the desired width (note: most women's sandals do not come in widths so this is usually not necessary), and the color. For example, suppose you wear a shoe size 34 (European system) and want to look for some high heels in that size. First you have to convert to the North American system using this table. In this case, the North American size is 4, therefore you would click on the button “4” below “Shoe Size”. Now you have about 900 choices instead of 32,000. Then, since you want a high heel, you click on one of the “Shoe Shape” buttons that shows a high heel.
And now you have a reasonable number of choices to look over.

There are other search criteria too. In the menu on the left, if you scroll down after Color, you can search by Brand, Average Customer Review (stars), Price, etc, and you can combine the criteria; for example, so search for sandals by (say) Betsey Johnson: under “Brand", click on “See more...”, then on the letter B, then on “Betsey Johnson”

Another useful tool when you see a shoe that you like, and under the image it says “See Visually Similar Items” — if you click on that phrase, will will see a lot of shoes of the same style. In the upper left corner of the new display, under where it says “Emphasize”, you can click on “Color” to see only shoes in the same color, or “Shape” to see shoes of the same shape in every available color.

If you see a shoe you want to order, simply follow the steps given above in the first section of this page, starting with Step #3.

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