Nowadays almost all shoes are made in China. That includes well-known brands that have moved their factories to China, as well as new Chinese companies that ship to you directly from China. Sometimes when you receive a shoe you have ordered from Amazon and you open the package, you are overcome by noxious gases that burn your eyes and cause dizziness and nausea; search Google for “chinese product smell” for more information on this topic. Here's a more specific search relating to shoes on Amazon.

I am very upset that this is happening because I love beautiful shoes and I enjoy modeling and promoting them, but I do not want to promote any product that can make people sick. Several times since 2010 I have ordered high heels to model for the website and had to throw them away. There is no way to know in advance if a product falls into this category unless there are reviews that say so. The well-known traditional companies that outsource their manufacturing to China usually exercise sufficient quality control that the products won't poison you. Lesser-known companies might exercise no little or no control.

The US government apparently does not inspect imported products for toxicity. Nobody is going to protect us from the ever-increasing deterioriation in quality and safety unless we do it ourselves. If you order a shoe or any other product from Amazon and it produces fumes that make you sick, PLEASE