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Grupo León In Santiago, the Dominican Republic, Grupo León Jimenes publishes beautiful books about the Dominican Republic, its life and its culture, that presently are not available from Amazon. Some of them can be downloaded as PDFs.
City University of New York Dominican Studies Institute City University of New York Dominican Studies Institute
City College of New York, North Academic Building 4/107,
160 Convent Avenue at 138th Street, New York NY 10031
1-212-650-7496 •

Nonfiction Books Available from with a Dominican Theme

Here are some books in English with Dominican and related themes, plus a big and highly detailed map of the Dominican Republic. These items can be ordered and delivered to addresses in the USA, in Canada and in most countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Read an exclusive interview with Rob Ruck, author of The Tropic of Baseball.

Dominican Days by Peter Lane Dominican Republic Map 1:500,000 - International Travel Maps - English Reflections on the Spanish Isle, Glories of the Dominican Republic - Joseph L. Borkson and Oscar de la Renta Dominican Republic in Pictures - Christine Zuchora-Walske - English The Dominican Republic A to Z - Byron Augustin - English The Dominican Republic - Anne Gallin, Ruth Glasser, Jocelyn Santana - English Apuntes para la Prehistoria de Quisqueya Cultures of the World: Dominican Republic - Erin Foley and Leslie Jermyn - English Quisqueya la Bella - Alan Cambeira - English The Dominican Republic - A National History - Frank Moya - English Rob Ruck, The Tropic of Baseball Alan M. Klein, Sugarball: The American Game, the Dominican Dream Dominican Connection: Talent from the Tropics Changes Face of National Pastime by George Gedda - English Dominican Dreams American Reality by Jocelyn Santana The Dominican Americans - Silvio Torres-Saillant, Ramona Hernández - English A Tale of Two Cities: Santo Domingo and New York after 1950 - Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof - English Dominican Haven: The Jewish Refugee Settlement in Sosúa 1940-1945 - Marion Kaplan - English Merengue: Dominican Music and Dominican Identity - Paul Austerlitz - English Merengue and Dominican Identity - Julie Sellers Bachata: A Social History of Dominican Popular Music - Deborah Pacini Hernández - English Dominican Cookbook - Maria Ramírez de Carías - English Aunt Clara's Dominican Cookbook - Clara González - English Traditional Dominican Cookery - Clara González - English Dominican Tipical Meals - Ligia de Bornia The Latino Holiday Book - Valerie Menard - English A Cafecito Story - Julia Álvarez - Bilingual Once Upon a Quinceañera - Julia Álvarez - English A Gift of Gracias - Julia Álvarez - English Real Academia Española Diccionario de la Lengua Española - Spanish Oxford Spanish/English Dictionary - Bilingual 501 Spanish Verbs - Chrisopher Kendris 501 English Verbs - Thomas R. Beyer Diccionario fraseológico documentado del español actual Milady's Standard Cosmetology Milady's Standard Nail Technology Oscar (de la Renta) - Sarah Mower

Books about Shoes!

Shoes: What Every Woman Should Know... by Stephanie Pedersen Stiletto by Caroline Cox Shoes: A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slippers and More by Linda O'Keeffe The Seductive Shoe by Jonathan Walford New Shoes: Contemporary Footwear Design by Sue Huey A Passion for Stilettos Trouble in High Heels by Leanne Banks Manolo Blahnik 365 Days of Shoes 2012 Wall Calendar En sus Zapatos por Jennifer Wiener Things a Woman Should Know About Shoes  by Karen Homer Quiero Esos Zapatos por Paola Jacobbi Zapatos: un Tributo a las Sandalias, Botas, Zapatillas... por Linda O'Keeffe High Heels in High Places: Walking Worthy in Way Cute Shoes by Rhonda Rhea Tacones de Muerte por Sheryl Anderson Underfoot by Leanne Banks Backwards in High Heels by Sheila Stewart High Heels in the Tundra: My Life as a Geographer and Climatologist


Contemporary Dominican Literature in English at

The following novels and other works are by Dominican authors who write in English. Some of them are also available in Spanish translations, along with many other Dominican works that are available only in Spanish, which you can find on the Spanish version of this page.

Álvarez, Julia
Cambeira, Alan
Contreras, Hilma
Cruz, Angie
Díaz, Junot
Gratereaux, Mary Ely
Josephson, Lynn
Lara, Ana-Maurine
Michaud, Jon
Noboa-Espinal, Carmen
Pérez, Loida Maritza
Portalatín, Aida Cartagena; with Angela Hernández Núñez and Ylonka Nacidit-Perdomo
Rivera, Martha
Rodríguez, Marco Antonio
  • La Luz De Un Cigarrillo (Play, Kindle edition) (Youtube) [Author website]
    This work is in Dominican Spanish, but it will be useful for English speakers who go to the play (which is presented with English supertitles) and would like to follow along.
Rosario, Nelly
Sención, Viriato (translated from Spanish)

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Álvarez, Julia
Cruz, Angie
Díaz, Junot
Pérez, Loida Maritza

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Dominican or Dominican-themed Films

Trópico de Sangre
Never was it so necessary to die to live in freedom.
The first historical drama in Dominican cinema. A Dominican production of Kemasi Films and Cheshire Kat Productions, 2010. With Michelle Rodríguez (Minerva), Luchy Estévez (Patria), Sharlene Taulé (María Teresa), Celinés Toribio (Dedé), Dedé Mirabal (herself today), Juan Fernández (Trujillo), César Evora (Antonio de la Maza), Claudette Lalí (Emilia Bencosme), Carmen Brugal (Doña Chea), Sergio Carlo (Manolo Tavárez), Víctor Checo (Johnny Abbes), Amaury Pérez (Leandro Guzmán), Liche Ariza (Tomás Ovando), Ada Aimee de la Cruz, Miguel Ángel Martínez, Johnnie Mercedes, Mario Lebrón, Laura García Godoy, Omar Ramírez, Victor Ramírez, Franklyn Domínguez, Elias Caamaño. Director/Screenplay: Juan Deláncer. Co-Producers: Joan Giacinti, Michelle Rodríguez, and Giancarlo Chersich. Available in Spanish with English subtitles and in English. Filmed in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican films and movies about Dominicans in the USA (America). Click on any DVD to read about the film and to see reviews. Nueba Yol, Perico Ripiao, Sanky Panky, and Negocios Son Negocios are made in the Dominican Republic.  Manito, Washington Heights, and Raising Victor Vargas, are US independent films about Dominican life in New York (Manhattan, Washington Heights). In the Time of the Butterflies is a Hollywood adaption of the Julia Álvarez novel about the Mirabal sisters. Arabian Nights is a Technicolor Hollywood classic from 1942 starring the legendary Dominican actress María Montez. Sugar is a 2009 Hollywood movie about a Dominican who comes to the USA to play baseball.

60 Millas al Este Nueba Yol DVD Road to the Big Leagues (Rumbo A Las Grandes Ligas) Sugar Perico Ripiao DVD Sanky Panky Play Ball Santo Domingo DVD Abril: La trinchera del honor by René Fortunato (Yuniol)2 Santiclo DVD Raising Victor Vargas Washington Heights DVD Butterflies DVD Circulo Vicioso Arabian Nights DVD Luis Vargas: Santo Domingo Blues, the Bachata Story The Galindez Files aka El Misterio Galindez Ladrones a Domicilio Negocios son Negocios Maldicion Del Padre Cardona Princesas La Soga Manito DVD
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