Top Ten (+1) Amazon products in for MARCH 2019

Bo Crece Pelo Natural Phitoterapeutic Treatment for Hair Growth
Alter Ego Impac Ego Energizing Rebalancing Cream
Pleaser Amuse-25 D'Orsay Pointed Toe 5-Inch Pumps
Silicon Mix Intensive Hair Deep Treatment
BOE Crece Pelo 5-Pack Combo Set
ZriEy Women 5.5-inch Peep Toe XT-Strap Platform High Heels Velvet Green
Pleaser 26 Red Pumps Crisscross Straps 5-Inch Stiletto Heel
Ollio pump with side ribbon beige
Ellie 6.5-Inch Womens High Heel Juliet-652 in White
ZriEy T-Strap Stilettos Burgundy Patent
#11. Miss Me Women's Jocelyn-12A Platform Pump
Updated: 6 April 2019


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"Dominican" means from the Dominican Republic or (as we call it) Santo Domingo, a beautiful tropical paradise in the Caribbean Sea between Puerto Rico and Cuba that shares the island of Hispaniola with our sister country, Haiti. There are millions of Dominicans in the USA, mostly in New York City and nearby New Jersey, but also in Providence RI, Philadelphia PA, Boston and Lawrence MA, Miami FL, and elsewhere. We are a people of all races and colors. Our culture has Spanish, Native American, African, Haitian, French, German, Italian, North American, and other influences. The most powerful force in Dominican culture is the family. Americans know us for our baseball players, our beauty salons, and our music — merengue and bachata — but of course there is a lot more to Dominican culture than those three things.

Cell phone Some people say that Dominican women are the most beautiful women in the world.  I don't know if that could be said of any nationality, but beauty is certainly very important to Dominican women, and when you care about beauty and you make an effort to look good, that tends to make people perceive you as beautiful, and it improves your chances of success in whatever you do. Dominican women probably spend more time in beauty parlors than everybody else put together! But there are other aspects to beauty too, such as the humor, kindness, respect, generosity, and warmth that Dominicans are famous for.

A major purpose of this site is to provide a gateway to for Spanish-speaking people who can't read English and/or people who do not live in the USA. Every page exists in a Spanish and an English version; you can switch languages by clicking on the gold "Español" button at the top of the page. The English and Spanish versions of each page usually have the same content, but there are exceptions; for example, English speakers don't need a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to use

At the same time, the site offers a window into Dominican, Latin American, and Hispanic beauty and culture for English speakers. In particular, the Dominican method of hair care and Dominican hair products, which are of increasing interest to African-American and mixed-race women because of their excellent results without the use harsh chemicals. is completely safe to use. To verify this for yourself, search Google for "analyze website safety", then visit any of the sites listed in the results (for example Symantec's Norton Safe Web), and enter "" as the site address to check.

*   "Latin American" or "Latino" (or "Latina") is a term that includes Spanish- and perhaps Portuguese-speaking people in the Western hemisphere, including the USA and Canada, as well as indigenous peoples "south of the border" who speak languages like Nahuatl, Aymara, Quechua, Arawak, Guarani, Q'eqchi', Mapudungun, and many others. "Hispanic" encompasses those who speak Spanish in other parts of the world, and perhaps also Portuguese (and Catalan, Aragonese, etc). This might include some of the former colonies in Africa and elsewhere where Spanish is still spoken (Ecuatorial Guinea, parts of the Philippines), or Portuguese (Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Macao). In the USA, the terms are used more or less interchangeably to denote people who speak Spanish (or Portuguese), or have Spanish (or Portuguese) surnames, or are descendents of immigrants from Latin-American countries, no matter what their names are (for example, many Dominicans, Cubans, and others have Basque surnames).

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What Happened to the Top 10? (April 2018)

In February 2018, Amazon stopped stopped reporting product-link clicks correctly, and shortly afterwards stopped reporting them at all. As of June 1, 2018, the reports are back (no thanks to Amazon). Considerable effort went into adding code to every single page at to report outbound link clicks to Google, and now we get the report Google.

Dominican Hair Products

Alter Ego conditioner The products on are related to the themes of the website, and many of them would be hard to find if you didn't know exactly where to look. For example, Dominican Republic hair care products and other hair care products used by Dominican woman and in Dominican salons, and that are also highly prized by other Latinas and by African-American women, such as the legendary Alter Ego line made in Italy. has an excellent selection of these products if you know where to look, but I already found them for you.

I also have pages devoted to selected hair-care lines with additional information such as photos, reviews, ingredients, and instructions:

Women's shoes

ZriEy Cross-T-Ankle Strap Stilettos Velvet Green The other major product category in is women's shoes. Amazon sells hundreds of thousands of different shoes. If you are interested in classic elegant high heels — women's pumps, sandals, and boots — it can take week to pick them out from among the other kinds they are mixed in with, and there are some you will never find! This is already done for you on Journee Collection Womens Classic T-strap Pumps Black In this page, when you see the image of a shoe, you can hover the mouse over the image to see the brand name and model of the shoe. If you click on the image, you will arrive either at the shoe's product page in (where you find the information about it and order it if you wish), or at a gallery page for the shoe (where you can see a large original photo and read my comments about the shoe, and click on a button to visit the shoe's Amazon product page). Try it with the image above left (which is a gallery link), and with the one on the right (which is a direct product link).

Besides my high heels collection, I also have:

As of September 2014, I have made my best attempt to remove toxic shoes from my listings. These are shoes that ship directly from (or in some cases are imported by the seller from) certain countries and that emit strong, persistent, noxious fumes that burn the eyes and cause dizziness, nausea, and headache. I don't know for sure which shoes are toxic and which are not unless I order them myself, but I have have experienced enough of them personally to be able to predict which ones they are.

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Is there a version of for mobile devices?
Beginning in February 2015, many of the pages at have been converted for mobile devices. These include: ________________________
On April 9, 2015, a totally remodeled and updated Gallery of high heels was installed, in which the main gallery page links to 622 separate image pages (more now) with information and links about the shoe in the image. In fact there are two of each page and subpage, one in English, one in Spanish; 1246 in all. On April 23, the nails and hair galleries were converted, for a total of 822 more mobile-friendly pages.
**  May 4, 2015. There was no way to save the traditional tabular format of the parades and festivals calendar, so now, instead of cells for date, time, place, and description, there is consistently-formatted text box for each event, which can easily be squeezed to fit a 300px-wide screen.

These pages have been changed to work better on small screens such as cell phones and tablets. This means that:

  1. Converted pages will show up on your cell phone with the writing big enough to read, rather than reduced so the whole page fits across the screen, which tends to make the text microscopic.
  2. If your mobile device is at least 300 pixels wide, there will be no need to scroll horizontally.
  3. Converted pages are more “fluid”, they can be squeezed and stretched and still remain useful. Some features, such as the main menu, will wrap onto a second line if it would be wider than the screen. Others, such as the the Top Ten, when squeezed, will show some overlap.
  4. On a very narrow screen, certain nonessential items might be omitted because they just don't fit.
  5. The heading and menu have been redesigned for fluidity. The menu has fewer items, is more readable, and has the most popular items first.
  6. In many cases there is much less "overhead" (like banners and headers) at the top of a page, so you have a much greater chance of seeing some content on the first screen, even on a cell phone.
More pages will be converted as time goes on. As for the many pages that have not been converted, most modern mobile devices are able to display them reduced to fit on the the screen, in which case you might need to magnify it. This is one of the reasons why does not have wide pages; the chances are better you can still read them when reduced to fit a small screen. Also note that most types of modern cell phones can be turned sideways for a wider view. In any case, it seems each new generation of cell phones has a bigger screen, but on the other hand (so to speak) it also seems that soon people will be looking at Web pages on their wristwatches!
How does (did) the Top Ten work?
The monthly Top 10 Amazon Products, Hair Products, and Shoes are according to click-throughs from product links on to Unfortunately, Amazon stopped providing us with reliable click-through reports in February 2018, and as of April 15, 2018, discontinued the report altogether.
What is a sortable table?
For holidays like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teacher's Day, and for other lists like the names of countries in English and Spanish, we present the information in tabular form. As of March 22, 2016, you can sort these tables in different ways by clicking on the heading of the desired column, such as Country, Date, etc, and then the table rearranges itself accordingly. If you click the same heading again, the order is reversed.
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